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[Hook: Eminem] The lunatics now run the asylum The doctors are dead, nurses are tied up They've taken it over and barricaded themselves inside it The lunatics now run the asylum I said the lunatics now run the asylum The doctors are dead, nurses are tied up They've taken it over and barricaded themselves inside it The lunatics now run the asylum[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz] I walk around with OJ's glove knowing it fit Fif to the toilet we taking over this shit The Yaowa waited, salivated like man I know I can spit I was knocking for quite some time but you wouldn't open this bitch You turn green when I enter, probably can't breathe Now ya'll trees in the winter, nobody can't leave For all those that was doubtful I got a scalpel And a mouthful of vowels to make a party stampede You brag about swag and your feminine trends I belittle your riddle you Skittles with Eminem's friends So I ain't trying to play with you, this chainsaw crack jokes On Cain's brother brah, disable you I'm an untamable animal with aim from a moving train I could graze your decaying tooth And my straight jacket just came unloose I'm reporting live this is (BREAKING NEWS!)[Hook][Verse 2: Crooked I] Psycho, like no, bitch made, nigga so This gray, nigga go, insane I got the switchblade to your throat, move it's not smart I'll slice and watch you bleed all over the pop charts Me and the Slaughters run the asylum, I'm feeling Like DiCaprio rapping on Shutter Island This industry is pussy, guess who's gonna hit it the meanest Give her the penis, hit the bitch in her Venus To this game I'm addicted and fiendish, I'm predicted to bring this G shit to it's pinnacle zenith, lyrical genius So sick with ridiculous English, niggas get squeamish When they hear this criminal linguist Fall back it's the take over, ya'll wack and ya cake over I escape from the padded room, grab a broom and rape a male rapper's womb[Hook][Verse 3: Royce Da 5'9] I've witnessed the worst happening The hurt moment when I'm purse snatching I'm purp growing, berserk boning this nurse ratchet When we spit you get the pug face Your bitch swallowed my five dollar foot long on the subway If sane people are rich why should I sit around? Play me and end up like the back of this hospital gown, ass out Drink drink drink drink, pass out Ya'll feel me right? When I was young I was loud, I used to be like âI'LL KILL YA!â Now I be like âYou know I'll kill you right?â If ya'll don't like it ya'll can lick my dick Cause we built this house we live in brick by brick[Hook]
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