Lyrics for Godll Cut You Down feat Johnny Cash by Nino Bless

Godll Cut You Down feat Johnny Cash - Lyrics

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To the cocaine pusher rich flipping bricks
To the white collar crooks, to the pimps on the strip
To the fake pastors like Mase stealing from the plate
To the snake bastards out here squealing to save face
To the Vatican for changing the Sabbath day, thats blasphemous
To human traffickers doing inhuman acts for chips
To this fascist brass taxing us Ö
Building power plants in the ghetto to keep conditions hazardous
Live it up now but one day your day will come
You can even take your gun trust me thereís no way to run
Know who you taking from then youíll try and close the gap
ďIs it too late nowĒ Ö Fucker thereís no going back!
Itís as cold as that, now you in a cul-de-sac
Sleeping where them vultureís at, hoping that they donít attack
Yet the high road seemed so low with no impact
But God donít buy souls and Satan never sold one back
You donít know what this is do you? Ė Its purgatory
I never searched for glory, why? Ė Cause thereís a purpose for me
They want me thrown down 30 stories
To burn my words like the Book Of Mary written our the churchís story
Truth, blind faith or designed fate
But fact is that fame was the capitol of your mindís state
Lord forgive this, for ainít no different
The only difference is, I ainít so distant

All the schemes and robberies I committed and honestly..
I never once felt bad, I admit its hypocrisy
With my sense of modesty I be talking like Iím a saint
Sometimes I think Iím kind of late with my sins that Iím trying to face
Higher stakes, why I relate, you moving through that lane fast
I tell you where youíre going cause Iím headed down that same path
I lied to a girl, told her I was in The Towers ..
The day that the planes crashed just to get some lame ass
Lord forgive me for the women Iíve corrupted
Gíd them up and hustled them, moved on while they suffered
All the stuff that Iíve lusted over with no reluctance
All the folks that Iíve let down and failed them when they trusted
Is this just for my justice or more readjustments
Whoís there for me? Reverend said that I donít read enough scripts
Am I trying to sneak in heaven with this fussing?
Is it end of discussion when The Devilís interrupting? (SHHH)
Realize now, too late cause my day has come
Pray until the day is done, my sinís never take my sons
May have taken lumps, bruises that ainít heal yet
Till stressed, real pressed, but never will my will rest
My wheel turns a lilí left, rebel in me still in check
Level with me Ö with respect
The devilís in me Ö still in debt
Lord forgive me, for ainít no different
The only difference is, I ainít so distant
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