Lyrics for King Piranhas feat AG Da Coroner by J Love

King Piranhas feat AG Da Coroner - Lyrics

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Kill you nigga, check nigga, bust through your chest play
Chop you into little pieces, leave you on the next state
What the fuck you smiling at?
We don’t do that gay shit
Revival of the ghetto boys
This ain’t kid and play shit
Beat a nigga up music, track marks, drug abusing
Speaker pop, kill a cop, hood shit, land cruising
Church bells ring when we do our thing
You know what that mean, call the next to king
To identify the body, 40 in this shotty
In the morgue, get him with the sword, dump him with the …
Body bag hold him
Bust you in the head with a boulder,
Flat line give you the cold shoulder
He ain’t breathing
Rumor has it we are next rap game
You feel any different, you best be ready to bang
No way riding, dick sucking out of loud
Rock stage like no other I got the crowd
Rocking to they feet, screaming for the coroner
I know they love this part, don’t have to ask for it
Mike booth in critical condition, they don’t make them like us
We that limited edition

Cold name leather face, werewolf salivate
Carnivore activated, pussy nigga regulate
Side of the bullshit, keep the fucking blog rap
King of the jungle decapitate snakes and rats
I have a …true blood like a vampire bat
Chicks and…wild cats, more parties than a diplomat
On hail the entrance, it’s the king for the reference
I move like Donald Trump, you move like an Apprentice
Department of correction, I took a life sentence
I treasure hip hop, you chase the modern day gimmicks
Kid big like an ucon, saliva is napalm
A warrior like Klingon, ajax…finesse with the lava shots
Of ghost…like king piranhas
Move slow like e haggar with the…like a Vietnam veteran
My …morals, …you 80’s cracks babies don’t know any better
Not much to expect from the internet intellects
Google J Love and it’s time to collect
The king piranha, we kills for sports
The king piranha, we kills for sports
The king piranha, we kills for sports
The king piranha, we kills for sports

Money like backrat, old school thundercat
Higher level acrobat, big body Cadillac
4 on 4 lumberjack, hunned dollars money stacks
Pillow size urble sack, smoking on that anthrax
Lost identity is gone with the wind, like Jeremy Linn
Tryina make New York win
I don’t play the band wagon or piggy back
Funline general, president in fact, go check my discography
Or rap anthology
And hell enough like prodigy, causing havoc properly
No one’s fucking stopping me, watch from the sidelines
Redefine these god lines, till this rap shine
Yo this track is hard, like it’s … smoking water like a sailor
And obvious failure, you made hit by the pitch like your name is …
While I move around the globe like a fed ex mailer
And the …grant wisdom, Nostradamus’ vision
Shout to my brother, tony homie down in prison
So sit back, listen, we the king piranhas
Like Mary J Blige, you never want no drama
Stiff body, rigo mortis setting in,
Fuck your top 5 and whoever that they better than
You just mad cause your girlfriend want me
Your whole style is ass, your flow is donkey
The streets are my cod, ask around niggas who know me
Will tell you that my lifestyle’s no g
Real niggas still move in silence,
And never get back, we practice violence
The game’s unchanged, but not for the good of our culture
We surrounded by snakes and vultures
Chrome men getting jealous over other dudes
Insecure faggots wanna step into they mother shoes
Flow a dress on, home of maneuver
Gone with the bloodline, I’m J. Edgar Hoover
Nobody wanna speak on the state of things
That’s preventing us from moving on to greater things
King piranhas, teeth like a kinsu, lock jaw on that ass and bite like a pitbull
Dollars by the … stick you with a pistol
Slugs through your tissue, the casket’s gonna fit you

King piranha, king piranha.
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