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This brain food, never really cared about a lame dude
Prolly never change I'll be the same dude,
In that chill mood, cause Iím way cool,
Iím on cloud 9 with them angels, shooting star with no spangled
Banner and I got panamera dreams with the phantom no H2's
Switching lanes and Iím wheel turning
Asthmatic but Iím still burning
Bless the youth cause they rolling up, and they pill popping, they stell popping
Iím growing up with that attitude, say wassup when Iím passing through
Faded but you dont know who to pass it to
Making up what you see other rappers do
Iím laid back on my asap, taking myself up another magnitude
Sicker than me, I couldn't imagine who,
Live a life that you couldnít begin to fathom to
And I aim high, never shot below
Pain the sky rather than mop the floor
Your girlís eyes wide open like she caught the ghost
Calling me daddy too, young papa dos

And Iím a player, my brother Rossi, thatís my nigga from Decatur
And weíre moving up, donít plan on coming down
And Iím always aiming high, Iím forever repping crown
Puff cigars with my ogís, macking broads with my homies
Speeding all on that interstate, but Iím dodging all of them police
Crown world, itís our world, itís my time, thatís my word
I know everythingís gonna fall in place, thatís guarantee, thatís clockwork
I met with all of these labels, I done set all of these tables
And Iím tryina hard to be patient, but I ainít got time to be wasting
Iím so Universal, so Epic, done been across the Atlantic
And Iím Interscope, you better warn a brother
Iím killing beats, no death wish
Howís that for wordplay, nah really howís that for wordplay?
My lifeís a movie and I been all in the movies
So Iím living every day like the one after Thursday
The immaculate, never slacking it, rap activist
Slash actor slash girl snatching kid
When that money come, I keep track of it

And Iím ready, with my brother Money, thatís my nigga from Miami
And we moving up, donít plan on coming down
And Iím always aiming high, Iím forever repping crown
Check it out, in the coupe, in the street
Too many fuck niggas getting on the beat
I mean rap the car, rap the chain, thatís why a nigga really wanna go insane
Cause Iím R.O.T., right on time, O.M.M., out my mind
And when I rhyme, you'll find, Iím on point, porcupine
See, I can give a damn bout a punch line
Iím just tryina make it out the lunch time
I ainít never had to see one time, I be doing everything like crunch time
Or take me to the bank and I can give you a loan
Or put me in the booth and I can give you a song
Put me in the suit with a wrist fulla stones and Imma bag a Jezebel like a Nina Simone, gone

And Iím a player, my brother Rossi, yeah thatís my nigga from the cater
And weíre moving up, donít plan on coming down
And Iím always aiming high, Iím forever repping crown.
Thanks to youngHoolie for correcting these lyrics
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