Lyrics for Ambitionz of a Villen by The Goonz

Ambitionz of a Villen - Lyrics

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No longer will I let anybody tell me
What I should do, where I should go
And how I should move
But buys a rack, call him back
I touched you with the taste of hash
Blazing grass, as I remain patient, life leads in my path
Iím taking back of how some people change to snakes and rats
Play the racks but in the end the truth will rise to take the mask
This page of rap portrays the picture of the rage I grasp
My anger snaps, no control, Iíve always hated that
If I could change my past, the shit Iíve done to take it back
I made mistakes but all I can do is learn and make my days here last
No need to dwell upon the crap, I need to stay attack
Letís face the facts, our days are numbered man, and I ainít wasting jack
This stage Iím on, Iím strictly focused on me making cash
I need to make a move before itís too late and the gameís a clasp
I want my cake to last, I want my legacy ready for anything
And Iím not scared whatís ahead of me
Been through some shit but fuck it, I just guess thatís how my story falls
Thatís why I like my dutches thick and my 40ís cold
Travel this lonely road with nothing but my thoughts
Must have took a wrong turn somewhere Ďcause Iím fucking high
Expectations, lyrics from generations of mental patients
Anticipating every situation, this is my creation
Committing violations, exterminating enemy nations
Starting a penetration, no hesitation, Iím making, Iíve been breaking for the same hunger
I wonder if I will make it before Iím six feet under
Supplying thunder with rhythmic blues given to you
By them dudes that are best described as villains and goons
See, youíre subdued, youíre under my grasp, itís hard to relax
The realness, Iím bringing it back
Reaching for plaques that are golden, my heart is holding pain that leaves me swollen
So Iím hoping that you listen close, Iím leaving me open
No lies, no joking, the most I spoke as subtle as a spokesman
Poke in my head in the doorway, offer them to open
Just hear me out, talent spilling out of my mouth so listen up
A troubled teenager get down, I ware a frown
Iím sick of the world of today so stay away unless youíre trying to help us get paid
Sharp as a blade, Ville side is where my bones were laid till I decay
Rap until the end of my days
Talk ainít even friendly for what some believe in this season in the MC
Believe you creeping, sleeping underneath the lever
Why dreaming that, for weeping, pip the creamy scheme and plenty petty thieves
And all we seem to lead, we breathing heavy
Iím all about the godless and the sense
To own a house your granny holds, survived her with defense
If itís any doubt at all youíre about to fall in my defense
Walls of cement, looted up with candy bars in the trench
Call me tense, I want the fame and the fortune
I wanna change the game and save it from the coffin
Who to blame, wave your name, I be torching another lame
Bring it, Iím setting flames to your portraits
Warning son, I cannot show no mercy
Stone cold build and destroy like Percy Garry
I may read your vibe and you ainít worthy
Feet sturdy under earth, crime sturdy
To provide for my family comes naturally
Through a life of catastrophe keep sending E
Graduated academy, a tragedy
Throughout the galaxy I reign supreme, majesty

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