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253 - Lyrics

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Ok, finna turning something out
Realest nigga walking, man, many niggas sucking that
Soon as I touch a milly, than Iím buying out a couple lots
Take my nigga to the dealer, tell him pick a couple drops
A couple cars, all I know I hustle up
Barely getting sleep and I am laughing all these fucking frauds
I just caught a few good chains, a bitch is caught, a couple lost
Still inside, no deal yet, but Iím shining like a fucking star
Real shit, they not gonna feel this, a nigga dealt me, thatís gonna only get him killed quick
They say they Bonnie, but shit, all I see is Will Smith
Bunch fucking actors, boy, no maker canít get action
Win this shackle and turn to a stack, watch it burn, freeze up, they gonna need Jesus
They gonna sing Hail Marys, break a couple preachers
Put a .40 to your head and turn it to a pizza
Yeah, now we popping, we got these niggas watching
They fronting, they faking, I see a bunch of boxers
A bunch of crisp, I see a bunch of ice, a bunch of pussy ass niggas is like a bunch of dykes
Fuck them Giuseppe, give me a bunch of mics
No kicks, they rocking, then slip a cellphone or a bunch of Nikes
My nigga Sheezy a shooter, heíll take your fucking life
He walking up like the reaper, I tell him cut your life
Like peacock, this shit will freak up, this shit too easy, nigga, I say the streets know
They say they balling, we balling, they say fatigo
Type to take your bitch and ball, stack on them freak yo
The motherfuckers say they wish me well, but they just sick as hell
They the same ass niggas, donít give a fuck, I went to jail
Letís set the record straight, move around with .38
We the all in, weíll make you nigga levitate
Donít play me sweet Ďcause I donít play the streets
I play the tunnel in the booth then rip a nigga beat
But fuck a nigga, bitch, I bring the pain like Ö, Iíll knock your jaw off, donít play with me
Is a war going on, my niggas play for keep
They think Iím misunderstood, I say Iím really hood
Pull up a Ö, you wish you niggas could, I wish a nigga would
Turn this bitch to Compton, Long Beach, Ö
Yeah, go ahead, turn me to the bad guy
Then Iíll go and make your mother, sister go and do a death cry
Iím focused on the paper chasing, cash out
Itís time the world know how this younglings mash out
Pull up on you niggas thatís dishing, take your stash out
Crooky niggas lucky then, we donít hit the trap house
Weíre pistol drawing then shot it in the max out
Waiting for the drama but we well know to space out
So play your lane Ďfore you see or we rap out
Next store on labels for the bank, haters pass out
Flying with a white bitch, thatís worth the blast out
I fuck these bitches like a roller storm, Iím Mick Jagger
Ö just spin backwards, I hear these niggas were really, they pussy rappers
I be going ham in the pussy Iím the pussy master
The kush got me on another level, Iím the hottest artist out with the hardest vessel
Hit my number 6 jaw in the Olympics and wear these fucking gold chains like I just won the fucking medal
Ask your bitch Ďbout me, watch gang crazy, ask my wrist Ďbout me
Yeah, Iím the shooter, you can snatch a clip off me
Cocaine bars, you can snatch a brick
I watch the wheel turn the fate, fake turn to faker
Plying on that money shit, Iím feeling like a taker
One million, two million, three million, four
Give us a couple years, we be them 40 million balls
And while we speaking on the balls, itís feeling like í96, you know what time it is
Adjust my Rolly on it, I shoot yourÖ or back smack a bitch, nigga, do my goldy on Ďem
These niggas already know it but they donít mention us
My life is like a dream, them haters steady pinching us
Try and wake us up, well hereís your wakeup call
My new .40, I caught cheaters and I break you up
Letís sing a lullaby to Ďem, them bullets will fly through Ďem, they view on they cry to Ďem
Wishing they could have Ďem back, how real is that
You looking at the realest in it, thatís real as rap

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