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Ali Bomaye - Lyrics

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Get my people out them chains nigger
I mean handcuffs, time to man up
Put my hand up
Fuck you saying bro?
Cos Iím a black man in the Phantom
Or is it Ďcos my windows tinted
Car cost 300 dough
And I blow Indo in it
You mad cos your daughter
Fuck with me on spring break
Well, Imma fuck her till the springs break

Roll another one cos Iím winning
In my four door looking real photogenic
Gentleman attire, in threads that wonít expire
Iím in a class of my own, my teacher got fired
Money getting long
Pussy rate keep rising
Versace outfit cost me 3000
From the P houses
Did it from the weak hours
Selling that chicken, no lemon
Pepper no sweetínísour
First you get the power
Then you get respect
Iím getting so much
Money I can buy you bitch
Take it how you wanna
If you wanna take it
I like clubs
Where all the women working naked
Fell in love with a waitress
What the fuck Iím thinking?
Bought that hoe a ring
It was for her pinky
Uh, thatís pimping thatís slick
Got a bottle of cologne
That cost more than your rent uh
Fuck yíall mad at me for?
Got a black card and a black Phantom
With a white bitch in Idaho
I do the same thing in Montana
Got a thick bitch in Atlanta
Got a red bone in the Chi
Got two chains, they two tone
Two hundred racks, no lie

Ali Bomaye
Ali Bomaye
Iím about to rumble in the jungle in these new Kanye
Ali Bomaye
Ali Bomaye
My lawyer threw them gloves on
And beat another case
Fuck yíall mad at me for
Cos my belt got two Gs on it
And her bag got two Cs on it
My daughterís stroller got Ds on it
Free Big Meech
Free Bossie and C Murder
Like New Orleans, like Baltimore
Come to Compton
Youíll see murders
And my AR see murders
Thatís beef nigger, no burgers
Iím insane and you Husain nigger
Better turn on them burners
Got coke swimming in that glass jar
Bitch go turn on them burners
Got dope to sell in this hotel
No half price, no retail
You a bitch nigger, no female
I smack nigger Sprewell
Iím on the block like D12
I got the white no D12
Like a little nigger in Africa
I was born totting that K
And thatís real shit no Will Smith
And no Nona Gaye
But they yelling
Ali Bomaye
Ali Bomaye
Thank God that a bigger seen another day
Ali Bomaye
Ali Bomaye
Got a chopper and a bottle
Fuck it letíem spray

I take my case to trial
Hire the dream team
Robbie Kardashian, Johnny Cochran
I seen things
I dream big, I think sharp
Inhale smoke, Hawaiian tree bark
Humble yourself, you not a G
Keep it one with yourself
Run to niggers for help favors
I keep one on the shelf
I got rifles with lasers
Swing it just like the majors
Hit you right above the navel
Now you swimming in pavement
Gold medals on my neck
I call it Michael Phelps
Hoes settling for less
I call them bottom shelf
Niggers tough on them blogs
And never did nothing at all
On a road to them riches
Bitches not tagging along
Less is ass in a thong
Hit that ass and Iím gone
Disrespect my nigger boss
And Iím flashing the chrome
Iím waving the tec
Titty spraying the Mac
Extendos in the back gonna lap
Got a bitch that look like Laila Ali
Sitting in my lap
Got a call from Skateboard
Pickíem up at LAX
Speaking skateboards where the tune at?
Fuck with hit, Iíll break a skateboard
On a nigger back
2 Chainz
Skateboard on a nigger track
No lie, no lie
Already got a plaque
Mama got a house
Daughter got accounts
Just to think a nigger like me
Stared with an ounce
Bad bitches and D boys
We bringíem out
If them niggers pussy
We doucheíem, we clean them out
This the voice of ghetto intelligence
If you got work, go to work
Donít work at your residence
For presidents, word to Muhammad
That triple beam is heaven sent
Riding through the jungles
In that motherfucking elephant
Thatís a grey ghost
With them ears on
Swimming through the hood
Like it got fins on it
Tell them
You know I got that work
On the Foreman Grill
Weight the motherfuckers in
Made another millí
Got a nigger feeling like Cassius Clay
Thrilla in Manila
Nigger want it whip his ass today
Ali Bomaye
Ali Bomaye
Thank God that a bigger seen another day
Ali Bomaye
Ali Bomaye
Got a chopper and a bottle
Fuck it letíem spray

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