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Yeah, man,
Peace, peace be with you!
Listen, man!
Now weíre cooling off, but I call window
Iím not trying to see bitch
If really I want the news
I callÖ I want the window to see
You feel me?
Iím Önot about you
Thatís how you gonna call me
Donít really call
Listening, recording!
Iím trying, you know,
Iím trying to let the soundtrack to my music

Yeah, yeah
Listen! One day Iíll be careless
Next day Iím meticulous
Cool call me collected
Wonít stay thatÖ
I canít fly close to the sun
I end up like Icarus
I canít stand that solo power
My flow devour shit, itís a must!
And a general get Ö lose all social filters
A local killer gonna impose through
No one know is iller.
You think Iím wavy, then Iím surfing on those surfaces
Iím lurking through your nervous system,
Pinpointing your nervousness.
Canít stop the blood flow, oh, wonít getÖ
No doctors, no herbal list canít stop me be a murderess.
Understand my purposes, no sun to...
Iím more galactic, eating planets,
Aham, Earth it is!
Force up in my services
Watch out, hoe, I work for this!
Watch out, hoe, theyíre watching my pockets and know my purposes!
Maverick like Iím Ösee when I score
Wanting more, my DIE for sure, but itís worth the risk!
Yo, split the hour with the Ö.
Double battle Ö horse, power devour flowers
And my Nike andÖ flow tider than..Ö
Pussy be a modest, a goddess
ChillingÖ with Nicky Steam
What a simple scene!
Iím scoring forty over Shawties, so they triple team
See no bravo, no bottleÖ still the triple bean!
No simple essential, instrumentals must fit the team
Bad for your mental, likeÖ than nicotine
So influential like weÖ
Who youíre calling, weíll be balling like Steve Austin
Iíll afford your life for another night!

Iím assuming I have a thing for women straight quiet!
This caravan down their face while Iím straight dying
Iím fucking laughing, honey!
Consider myself upper class when I say, match the money!
Eating fruits with funny yogurts
Throw up on Shawty, show me!
Weíre living lavish! Let me skype all the way from Paris
Give me, Paris!
Bounjour, nigga! My view so magnifique
Tell he made a look, or at least he try toÖ for me
.. weíre snacking on macaroons for Nikie D.
Big Mac till the Delta Gree
How youíre living B!
Still go to the same ball
Still spoken thatÖ
Bet I put on shoes like an old god singing like IÖ
Iím not your Ruby Rose,Ö
Quitate la ropa! Ensename to chocha!
...Barcelona, please my skin like Sammy Sosa!
Sexy three home runs, callate la boca!
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