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Tuscan Leather - Lyrics

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Cominí off the last record, Iím gettiní 20 million off the record
Just to off these records, nigga thatís a record
Iím liviní like Iím out here on my last adventure
Past the present when you have to mention
This is nothiní for the radio, but theyíll still play it though
Cause itís that new Drizzy Drake, thatís just the way it go
Heavy airplay all day with no chorus
We keep it thorough, nigga, rap like this for all of my borough niggas
I reached the point where donít shit matter to me, nigga
I reached heights that Dwight Howard couldnít reach, nigga
Prince Akeem, they throw flowers at my feet, nigga
I could go an hour on this beat, nigga
Damn, Iím just as famous as my mentor
But thatís still the boss, donít get sent for
Get hype on tracks and jump in front of a bullet you wasnít meant for
Cause you donít really wanna hear me vent more
Hot temper, scary outcome
Hereís a reason for niggas thatís hatiní without one,
that always let their mouth run
Bench players talking like starters, I hate it
Started from the bottom now we here, nigga, we made it
Yeah, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather smelling like a brick
Degenerates but even Ellen love our shit
Rich enough that I donít have to tell Ďem that Iím rich
Self explanatory, you just here to spread the story

Sitting Gucci row like they say up at UNLV
Young rebel, Young Money nothing you could tell me
Paperwork taking too long, maybe they donít understand me
Iíll compromise if I have to, I gotta stay with the family
Not even talkiní to Nicki, communication is breakiní
I dropped the ball on some personal shit, I need to embrace it
Iím honest, I make mistakes, Iíd be the second to admit it
Think thatís why I need her in my life, to check me when Iím trippiní
On a mission tryna shift the culture
Tell me who dissiní, I got some things thatíll hit the culprit
Them strep throat flows, yíall need to stop with all of the talkiní
All of the talkiní, got one reply for all of your comments
Fuck what you think, Iím too busy, thatís why you leave a message
Born a perfectionist, guess that makes me a bit obsessive
That shit I heard from you lately really relieved some pressure
Aye, B I got your CD, you get an E for effort
I piece letters together and get to talkiní reckless
I donít change like credentials, you know you see the necklace
My lifeís a completed checklist
Iím tired of heariní íbout who you checkiní for now
Just give it time, weíll see whoís still around a decade from now
Thatís real

How much time is this nigga spendiní on the intro?
Lately Iíve been feeliní like Guy Pearce in Memento
I just set the bar, niggas fall under it like a limbo
The family all that matters, Iím just out here with my kinfolk
Off everything my pen wrote we went from Bundy to Winslow
This for shorty up on Glengrove who love when I catch my tempo
I sip the pouring and listen to Cappadonna
The Fresh Prince just had dinner with Tatiana, no lie
All these 90′s fantasies on my mind
The differences that remind, they all come true in due time
I might come through without security to check if youíre fine
Itís just me on my solo like fuck it, like YOLO
Wanted to tell you accept yourself
You donít have to prove shit to know and accept yourself
And if you need up needing some extra help, then I can help
You know, back on your feet and shit
Tryna get my karma up, fuck the guilty and greedy shit
How much time is this nigga spendiní on the intro?
How this nigga workiní like he got a fuckiní twin though?
Life is soundiní crazy, 40 on Martin Scorcese
And I wouldnít change a thing if you payed me, now real nigga wassup

How much time is this nigga spendiní on the intro?

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