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Everyday Iím waking up, the boy itís got the heavy heart
Knowing what my talent is I feel like a demigod.
Any given day you can catch me up on plenty blocks
Yet I live quite comfortably, why I'm saving pennies for?
Anxiety is kicking in so I got them sweaty palms
Cuz I have a nephew, I wanna provide for
He's my inspiration, the reason that I rhyme for
Hopefully the sunset is where we gonna ride off
But they keep on asking me, whens my next mixtape?
Nigga Iím just living life, try to get my shit straight
Student loans over my head, interest and fixed rates
But they gon' tell me bout success and what it takes
I'm questioning life's choices
searching for a job and feeling voiceless
The world is my ocean, where's the oysters?
Can I go back in the...

[Cant turn back the hands of time
I've come to far to turn behind,
I put it all on the line, I put it all on the line]x2
I donít question if she's got love for me, I question if sheís in love with me
Cuz when she's around her friends, she donít show it publicly
Then I get to thinking that this whole thing is fuckery
Knowing that she's hiding stuff, things she wonít discuss with me
Then I look into her eyes, it just starts disgusting me
Cause she knows Iím hurt and allowing all the suffering I thought you were the one now I'm like fuck a ring
Because I've turned up I wonít discuss a thing
I opened up my heart to you
Whats worse is I still love every part of you
I put up with your antics like a carnival
Why do I feel insecure if my name is incomparable?
There is only one of me, there are like a thousand yous
I can find another pretty face that's really down for dude
Investments of the heart aren't like US bonds
You ain't guaranteed returns, ...the truest love

[Cant turn back the hands of time
I've come to far to turn behind,
I put it all on the line, I put it all on the line]x2
I'm at the crossroads, this fight im at the crossroads
Opportunity had knocked, now all of them doors closed
But I keep on knocking and Iím hoping they know Morse code
It wasn't a soft blow, it was everything i fought for
But i keep on screaming, till the ... got a sore throat
This wasn't some grassy knoll, somehow i went offroad.
First I'm seeing..., then i see Kanye rock
Polo to .. and all my friends thinking that Shakes...
Right under his nose, but Jay is cosigning ...
Fast forward on the blogs now I'm seeing Drake pop
Asking did i miss my boat, why isn't my name hot?
Going nowhere fast cause I'm standing in the same spot

I canít go back, I canít go back, sacrifice everything ive hadÖ.
I canít go back, I wonít go back, wont accept failure as my path
[Cant turn back the hands of time
I've come to far to turn behind,
I put it all on the line, I put it all on the line]x2

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