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DJ Enuff Freestyle - Lyrics

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Monday I be camping, next day I’m meticulous
Cool, calm and collected, of course they act ridiculous
I can’t fly close to the sun, might end up like Icarus
Y’all can’t stand that solar power, my flow devoured, it’s a must
I’m a gentleman, …a vocal killer going postal, no one’s iller
You think I’m wavy but I’m surfing on some surfaces
I’m lurking through your…can’t stop the blood flow but gonna turn again
No doctor, no herbalist can’t stop me be the murderer
Understand my purposes…first off for my services, watch how hard I worked for this
Watch how hard they watching my pockets and all my purchases
…want more, might DIE for sure but it’s worth the risk, what up, enough
…mascara running on they face…I’m fucking laughing, mami
Consider myself upper-class….eating foods with funny odors
…bonjour, my nigga, my view so magnifique…we smacking on macaroons from micky b
Big mac into the third degree, how you living, B?
Still go to the same bar….
Move to Barcelona, bleach my skin like Sammy Sosa
63 home runs, callate la boca

I be the weird sick, sicko…
Only latino now we all dressing like gringos
…I’m a hard pill to swallow, …yeah, I know, we still have them
…devoting my anger to swinging for the loosing

Shout out to the niggas that you never met but you already wanna hate
Bitches who never met me already wanna date me
I ain’t one to replace me, but good luck, I’m part of a squad
We all got bars and everybody paying
Fuck in the same world where everybody shady
Everybody feeding their poison to their babies
…my uncle went to jail tryna find a better way to move
I really believed he was away at school
Anyway, that’s cool, ‘cause I don’t give a fuck
…y’all niggas want a handout, y’all niggas is lazy
And I’m still the pharaoh, still …
Watch the horizon, came about the world like Godzilla
…from the land of Queens made wizardry, take a look at my face
I’m god-like, physically
Biggest dreams in the smallest apartments
And pre-teens provided some space for some creativity
…now we in the midst of our 20’s and you ain’t heard of us
…put arrows through your narrow mind

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