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A Love Story - Lyrics

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Let me tell you 'about involving Julie
A perfect match, like the Love Jones movie
They would hold hands and stroll through the park
One slow dance had stolen her heart
To the tune of the song she could never forget
They ad dreams to be together
Forever, wherever they went
For she would hum it, wherever she went, like
Hey, lady, lady
But they came from different worlds
So close, but different still
Julie was ... bracelets
Phone kept in place, sick
He let her head attend from the back of his jeans
And always made sure that it could be seen
He would go and say "I rap for my team,
Don't let an old man disrespect, know what I mean?"
Julie's pops taking care oh her
Julie's pops taking car of his own
He knew the bandanna man might carry chrome
Julie's pops didn't want her marry Roan
She went against her father's will
'cause they say true love can conquer ills
They never really cared, they were constantly chill
The love was so real, looking hard to conceal
Julie and Roan, sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g
Julie's got a cousin that he's name is Ty
That would really aim and shoot for the sky
He let a bandanna head from the back of his jeans
Wasn't like Roan, he was on the other team,
It was a confront of interests
They didn't like each other and the conflict was intense
They eventually fight, it would be this night
At the four moonlight
We already know bandannas attract beef,
Always with his boy, cuff in the back street
A car drove by, Ty's in the backseat
He says: "Pull over, quick! hey, yo, there go Roan,
Pull over, kid!"
As he open the door, he put the toaster on his hip
As he stood up, he shouted to Roan: "You better leave Julie alone!"
Roan and his boy, they approach the car,
And this is when all of the commotion starts
Roan's little man confesses to Ty: "I don't respect your flag,
You should die!" Ty doesn't take very proudly of his words
So he fired up two shots, and he fall on to the curve
Roan wasn't shot, he ain't know how to react
So he pulled up the strap and he shot right back
When Julie's pops heard about Ty's murder
He said "Julie, you can't defy me no further!"
I'm sending you to boarding school,
Look at what he's done, he's destroying you!"
Julie balls out, running for her life
Not to revenge her cousin's life
To find the man of her dreams
A husband to a wife
But Roan's in hiding,
Having known it's hell when he heard those sirens
Julie's on a chase, just hoping she finds him
One ... is on the block
On the radio he heard that a girl be shot
Beaten and raped up on the roof top
Worst part, her name happen to be Julie
He couldn't handle the thought, he pulled out a toolie
Filled with guilt, he pointed at his head
The last word he said, I deserve to be dead
As he fall to the concrete, Julie making the corner, she was in arm's reach
She burst into tears, ran to the body to confirm her worst fear
Found boy dead, was her worst nightmare
Julie filled with hurt and despair
Without Roan, I'm ...

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