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Feat. Ludacris, Tiara Thomas, Trey Songz, T.I. & Emjay

They don't know I call you
Sprinkling system
Cause you sprinkling it like water
Don't tell your daddy that you call me
Daddy, but tell him Ludacris is thankful
For his daughter
While we all in the back seat of my Impala
HuT one, huT two, hike hike hike
They don't know about the scratches on my back
And how I call you my bed bug,
When you bite bite bite bite
Nibblin', dribblin', feelin' all my adrenaline
Tasting like cinnamon, I can think of so many synonyms
You be killing other, women pretending they don't know
That you really hardcore like Lil' Kim and Em.
Squat down, bend it over, bring it back,
From the side, turn around, hunchback, Notre Dame!
Turn your device on, it's the right song
Turn the lights on, Rico Love, and you know my name!
They don't know
A loud mouth won't get you nowhere
Baby, I swear
(They don't know)
I'm best friends with your Gissessipi,
If you let me I'll hook you up with something real
(They don't know)
Yeah I fucked with your homegirl back in 06'
Why she keep bringin' up old shit?
She was cool with a girl I used to go with
but you can tell'em both that its yo dck
(They don't know)
But you still don't speak when you see me in the street
But you still my little freak!
Girl, you don't take pictures, are you blind?
Actin like them lames, wehy they so weak.(They don't know)
Tonight we just might be court side you me and wifey
Two hundred on my neck, even though I got a check
She'll fuck around and spend it on me

(They don't know)
(They don't they don't know)
Bet you didn't know that!
(They don't know)
Should got her own paper
(They don't know)
(They don't know)
You could never understand that
We'd be in the same room
We don't ever say shit
Let's keep it between me and you
And we cool (Cause they don't know)

How you feel about me?
Can't live without me (without me they dont know)
How that pretty thing cream
When you think about me (bout me they dont know)
You Been stayin in my condo bout a month
Its a key up on your chain when you going through
Some things. Escape whenever you want
(They don't know)
how I hit it by the fire
And your legs stretch wider and
It just gets tighter
(They don't know)
Say you're stressed and you're tired
But the stress gets lighter
With the money that I wire
(They don't know)
I like to put my lips on kiss On every part of your body
Do it so well, baby, who you gonna tell?
Give a nigga face a Hi5
I don't know why she was lookin' at me side-eye
so I don't even know why I'm sky high
I don't even know why I'm high other than high crime
But I gotta gang of naked pictures that I am ready to send you
if you just want relations, baby
There's nothing I can't do
You said you looking for something to get into
Oh, what I'm lookin' for is someone to give into
They don't know you got me crazy,
And craving and screaming that I wanna have your, baby
Posted all up in this bed all up in my
Legs pulled in like thy Mercedes
They don't know, they can't hang if they don't smoke
I dont fuck with niggas if they don't blow
And that ain't no joke!

Thanks to Torianna for correcting these lyrics
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