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False Flag - Lyrics

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(feat. Linkin Park)
Iíma gte that nigga in the ..saying that I surf in
I war draggin down to ...so you can save your paddy explinations
I donít have the patience
Before you even say it I know that you let your proud, your ego
Charks let it in thou
That was not way I get down and look it how you lose your composione
Now let me show you exaclty how Iím braking througt the sounds

I wanna see your ...
Didn you want me to tell you Iím not a failer
I would rather live and let be but you came with the right that ...push me the ...
No you can ,...you disrespect me so clearly
Now you gonna hit me, that it;ís not the way it goes down
You did it to yourself but itís over now
Let me show you exactly, Iímma brake to the South
I wanna see you suffer...
I wanna see you suffer...
Iím America, lot of ...getting my ...
I like my citys, people inside house ..
Iíll be getting ..
A little be sicker then
Most sinner then all ...competition is inside
Right from this shit now, speak of that
I ain;t never getting in
Iím getting caught until we get complete free
Look at this rebeles, Iímma treat so what the fuck ...without beat √©m
They call me freak cuz I like to spin all in
Pussy past him and ..
Where the fuck are they when you need ém
Letís finish in a minute, Iím a ...see you migth gonna let all the
You alowd that pops you are briliant around this stars
Then it couldnít be ...feel and stop, on the place in our way
..you can see the all ...go harder to the grownd til the
..even not, even in my heart
Donít stop til my hit come back anymore
And itís so good, they ainít even call me and they sound like
People just gte sick cuz you split, this whores get to it
...and looking me straigt you never hold the
You gona take my pride ..feel me in the ..then walk my words
That didnít come with ..i smell good
Fuck canít give it real, women now ..where I found ...

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