Lyrics for Nem Diggas by Worlds Fair

Nem Diggas - Lyrics

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We ainít playing, we got to decide with the snow ball
Six niggas , big guns in our snow clothes
Mad nigga saw me banz with the suprle source
Suicide mention boys, we can think we working for
Get a deal, fuck a deal, nigga start a brand
Fuck a bitch, suck a dick, did she fuck my mans?
Skinny jeans, pretty queens come to pretty queens
Them niggas ainít playing show you what really means

Mean time mother gouse, suck a proof,
Probbaly that profit excuse
Keep ém pissed like public tools
How is coming through
A man born with games and click with me
Hit the control like tranforms so stick with me you shit quickly...
Youíre in the benz spending the time like a actionaire
Iím busting yeah off and shivering in the busting checks
Got no time to sing these dudes, send ém after frosting cake
Nem niggas ainít play
Nem niggas ainít play
Nem niggas ainít play
Iím self standing, my lyrics still representing
Itís alse tendy , only a stange groupe cpuld copy heavy
Many I left crulest but Iím no offended
Far from this simple mind, kido so excentric
Invented how you think was, two hundred per cent
Just be invasuring so how you think drake all of these banjamis
The rest taking ground shake ironicly we round waking
Someday my sound want that playground where I play
I think he pass on that half part rock in the road
Fuck it when they thinking that is severing slow
Telling right now so you ainít know broís fake
Got a lot never let yaíll go
Check snake running back ainít fucking with that eight stake
Last great pay yaíll smoke better smells great
Great mission and invasion in a could life flow chop it low on the mission

112 donít drop me on the back of these
That means is classy, that is sold Jurastic
While rolling up exotic trees to get me plastic
And in this Galaxy Iím the master
Classy ainít fleshing like the president should roll ex
Bitch this mean strees so Iím playing on my clarinet
Itís a world fair fair tell your girls that
Getting all like crazy gettin rock in the rain
Let undone in the club, I donít give a fuck
Kick a bottle over less spell, I wonít live with that
Three white bitches singing now should giving up
I guess Iím in my ...i will felling up
Iím like a young spanish prisioner
Boys back in town damn this day will be dizzy
Match me on the stage nigga cloud get busy
Then I drop the microphone and suck it maintaine it
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