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Automatic Systematic - Lyrics

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Automatic systematic
I used to know the live Bronx niggas
Slippin' like acrobatics
Systematic, torch your brother's stash
Get elastic
You torch yo hash tabs, relax, they ?
That's drastic, auto smash, lemme clear my mind
Cocaine wasn't practic, it came in white lines
Fools cross the dime, sticken was the crime
Saturday Night Live Special, ? handled nines
Now the upper bathers broke, like something to steer cage roots tops
Gun shots, housing police, ain't got no drapes
Sending patrols, they assault, but couldn't keep the blocks on hold
Now these skelty kids is outta control
?Please raise the boots, no gebolts??
1986, I flip, I'm yelling jumbos, jumbos
Bad news, here comes the crack crews
90 20$ bottle, tell niggas to black juice
Rempin', ah yeah, pull the hat, lempin'
Clampin', 50 oacks, bitches, they be trampin'
Chillin', ice and dice, with ? and nitrogen
Kiddy down, no more more wheel cruises the town

Now while we in the jungle, claim the color, soften yo bundle
And watch yo back, cause TNT come in a sudden
And let some time blocks get hot
What's the spots? Play and go scotch
Snappin' pad-locks from candy stores, sellin' rocks
Brand new pro'lems on the horizon. Frightening!
Yeah, yo ? slow, at the projects, indictment
Dominicans movin' in, water barbecue bitch
Yeah, that's the link chains everybody's wearin'
Probs bound, choo-choo's invest in mount Haven
Territory, much respect, Boy George been blazin'
Cincene of the block, flow bags is sticky
Moliqua, power rule, mohale niggas like check it!
Now Harlem status apparatus
They slick on Saint Nick
Brothers is tryna see six figures status
They keep havin' dreams of puttin' keys on beams
Livin' life like Al Poke, that cat is supreme team
Let's take a wild walk through Woodstock
Columbians hide in pride, kilos will never die
An eye for an eye, you might catch a neck tie
Rastafarian sun blood cut you alive

Now Brooklyn's in the house, yo Style, roll up yo light, nigga
Skunk has rounds to funk, beginners start in the trunk
With eighteen pounds of lead thru, sellin' it to the people
Now you gots to reload and re-up with yo main hoe
City crime is the worst, yo baby here cop yo back
Woman take ? in the purse
Living in this cage, enraged up in the cage
Can't be afraid, blame ? for ?
You murder muthafuckas get a hand on the uppa
Look for ya head, you wear the Tymbaland chackers
No question, you lock down private sections
Drug sales and Bronx tale, Watson Ave. connected
Bluntes! The stash box, .45, bulletproof Lexus
Coupe! ? Shawty's pumpin' on the stoop
Extravagant, bump bitches gather how ya livin'
Fuck them chicken heads, you want the grown women
Now it's a damn shame street games be a fake
You be pushing weight, dealin' nothin' less than a nathe
Remember the last time, yo luci increase from a man
TCM put you on the South East, south Waston (?)
You start pickin' up them Jacksons
Before the work finishes, you know that ? Hammiltons
Good paper, down 9-5, doin' more 20
Than 350, no sleep, gettin' blunted
Nigga, yo whole life is a fantasy
Sippin' on some Hennessey
Screamin' on this spot in Tennessee
Get home, lay back, no doubt, it's time to zone
Same dick, different bitch, now which one's the wrong one?

Slow down for a second, yo, chill
My man, Lockdown, that Clinton
He just got triss with the fish skill
Our brother sit down and write to God back a letter
Fuddles and Comencery, hope the situation gets better
Point blank, lieutenant pullin' rank
It's all about the bank and that ass you can spank
History here goes off for ever, whatever
Street light, project here keep it tight, stay together
One more time
This is a true story
The Legion
Yea yea yea
All my niggas in NYC, this how I be

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