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Emm...good evening...
Or should I say good morning?
The time is twenty-five to five
And Iíve been sitting here for some time now,
Actually I
After a party which I quite enjoyed, but you know it
One has one reservations when one has quite enjoyed oneself,
But one has to make reservations because, uh,
The people were particularly interesting.
In fact, there werenĎt as many people there as I expected there to be,
It was, I thought...you know,
The Maynard-Mitchells have a big big do
In fact there werenít nearly as many as one might have thought,
Which was, which was a pity.
In fact, I think I must have drunk rather a lot
(Or although it seemed so at the time I felt myself quite sober)
But when I leapt into the car to drive home
After my merry abandon
I found the task extremely difficult!
And it was extremely fortunate
That, um, there was nothing else on the road because, looking back at it,
I seem to remember I had a mental brainstorm
(Well, I didnít realise at the time)
And I think I drove the whole way home on the righthand side of the road!
Which is something of course which comes from driving in France too much,
Which is what Iíve been doing recently,
As you probably know, driving in France, you know.
And in moments of stress such as was this journey home,
One forgets so easily- the lies, the truth and the pain.
And so Iím wavering from the point
What I was trying to say...is uhm,
When I sat here I had an extremely pleasant time on the piano, actually
I was playing the piano and sort of singing,
And I rather fear I might have kept people awake upstairs
One hopes not, but it was pleasant, and itís extremely pleasant sitting here now,
Because I think there is something extraordinarily nice
About seeing the dawn up before one goes to bed,
Because thereís something uncanny about it
When it suddenly becomes light, because one connects darkness with going to bed,
Surely... um, and when one is still up when it becomes light,
And itís a new day, and you still havenít gone to bed to sleep
(Because the night equals sleep, so easily)
And when one is still up when the new day begins
It is something of an intriguing experience, I always find.
I can look out of the window now, and that tree over there is green,
Whereas before one goes to bed,
Just when one goes to bed, that tree should be black, surely!
Everything should be black before one goes to bed,
But that is surely the essence of the Romantic!
Anyway, I think Iím straying from the point.
I should probably stop talking now
Because, um, if I donít I shall start sort of relating on life histories and things,
Which will be frightfully tedious.
So itís here that Iíll sort of say goodnight, you know...
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