Lyrics for They Dont Love You No More Remix by Remy Ma

They Dont Love You No More Remix - Lyrics

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You ainít got love for me, my nigga?
You ainít got love for me, my nigga?
We the best music
I'm back, yeah
Ever since your chick hit the top
Know your bitch is mad, Remy out the box
They donít love you no more
You donít love me no more?
She the best
DJ Khaled

When you all was on the TV I was with the PVís
I listened to your CD, damn, you really wanna be me
Don't care if your name buzziní, you know who the queen be
Dello Russo, di you lasik bitches still canít see me
These rap chicks try to stay away from me
Maybe Ďcause I caught that case, they afraid of me
Remy got that flow, spit it crazily
And itís a fact Iím everything they portray to be
Never mind how I got bent down, you all know how I get it up
Iím fuckiní a player in the whip, y'all know I keep it a buck
Probably should have been in love, yíall know I donít give a fuck
My lips ain't good for nothing on her right now I might could get it sucked
Give it to her in the tummy, you all know that I keep it tucked
Claim she flying, got a bill, to me that sound like she a duck
Iímma take these bitches job and get them worked like Loaded Lux
On my Cali swag, black ladies kept in a pair of Chucks
Bad bitches really with me in the cut with model mutts
Used to have some flab on them, but they put it in they butts
Yeah, call me Scarface, a bitch still cute as fuck
Some call me dogface; some niggaz wanna kiss my crotch
Ever since a nigga hit the top
Pussy niggaz wanna see me in a box
They don't love you no more
You all donít love me no more?
They don't love you no more, yeah
Troops gotta cock coupe's gotta drop
Shit starting to change so you starting to change, ah
They don't love you no more
They donít love me no more?
They don't love you no more
They donít love me no more?
Should be your favorite, now you're just hatin'
Shit starting to change, you want me to change, nah
They don't love you no more
They don't love me no more?
They don't love you no more, nah
They donít love me no more?

Okay, Iíve been going for over half a decade
Donít tell me all you all done fell for these hoes facade
I mean façade, they garbage, discard them
These hoes is pussy, I discharge them
They donít even get my dick hardened
I heat a bitch up, Miami, Chris Bosh them
Microwave them, see all my fans waving
The flow water juice drippiní, the girl so wavy
They say the girl crazy, really canít blame them
They blow dick, I blow torch, just flame them
Hoes so lame and ainít no tenderer
I flip quick, no gymnasium
You donít got no balls, just a big cranium
Shoot me down, I wonít fall, iron titanium
Iím telling chicks ainít no touching me
Iím celibate, nobody can't fuck with me
Some say she nice, but reminisce nicer
I can feel the tension, please don't hype her
Tell her stay in her lane before I side swipe her
Droppiní that bird shit ,I ain't the windshield wiper
Been violating before I land on Rikers
Ainít shit change like a baby dirty diaper
I donít love these hoes, never even liked her
Remi, Makavelli, send shots through bellies
Come through in a pair of Breds and a peanut butter Pelly
These fucking fruits are sweeter than grape jelly
Softer than R&B, maí, you arenít me
You pop like coochie, I really R-A-P
You ainít got love for me my nigga?
You ainít got love for me nigga?
Yo, Khaled
I change your life
I change your life

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