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Hot Bitch - Lyrics

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See this? This was a request
I just came home, I'm tryna get this shmoney
Attempted shmurder was the case that they gave me
But this is literally shmurder she wrote
Ah-ah-ah! (Jahlil beats, holla at me)

See Remy, I'mma hot bitch
In my Fab voice you a t.h.o.t. bitch
Lloyd Banks, Jackpot bitch!
And I told y'all I was comin' fo' my spot bitch (fo' my crown)
See I'm tryna keep it hip hop bitch
Remy Makavelli I could turn to Pac bitch
I took it right back to the top bitch
And if ya disagree, then ya could eat a cock bitch
I see y'all runnin' round with ya ass out
No make-up on, I could pull a Mac out
I swear to God, all I do is spaz out
I'm a 80's baby, grew up in the crack house!
I been smackin' bitches since the fifth grade
Old ladies, I don't care about a bitch age
My hood taught me how to Boogie Down and Bang Bang
Hit these bird-brained bitches till their brains hang
Shorty like the way a bitch boss out
So he said he want to dig my walls out
Left him lookin stupid with his balls out
Cuz I took his money and I walked out!
Free Bremmo tho, let all of my dawgs out
I don't mess with fake bitches, kick them whores out
That's what got a bitch locked up in the dog pound (Yeah)
Free Niqua too, let all of my broads out
We gon' wear our heavy jewels with the rocks on 'em
Ice drippin' on these hoes, put a mop on em!
I see they all mad, I got it locked on em
See they don't respect anythin' till ya popped on 'em
Swiss cheese thru yo leotard
Sendin' bitches to the E-R
The BX know I goes so hard
So I'ma do this one fo' the fuckin' Bronx!
And bitch if it's a problem, we gon snuff y'all
Smack the shit outta yo baby moms
Said I got yo baby pictures, I done raised y'all
Snatch yo earrings out, pull the braids off
Tell them niggas free Meek yo!
Okaaay, free Max B. yo
They should have neva let me go!
I just came home about a week ago!
Fuck with me and get a pita roll
Sendin' all these bitches straight to Jesus yo!
Errybody know how Remy roll
Bitches got me on my bully yo
I'm about to go Pun on 'em
They can't fuck with me, I'm a nun on 'em
Got me on that Murder One shit
I'm a flea, ya a bum bitch!
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