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173 pipo version - Lyrics

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No way
I wash it to throw it
This industry is so sweet
The niggaz know it
Jesus on a chain
I walk on water
No I donít know a neighbor
The ladies watch and still follow
It looks like their fathers walked away with their daughters
We all die one day, it donít matter
Iím on the stack ,give me way
Cause the shit is happening
Always got something to say
But shit happens
Who we be?
Who we be?
A thousand dollar fabric
Thought I was sippiní but I really had it
Should have seen the looks on their faces
These niggaz is amazing
I have a belt ,but these niggaz hate it
But Iím speaking the truth
Tell that nigga Amin

If that ainít true
Why did a nigga got down?
You feeliní me now?
Iíve been around the town,homie,homie
God damn
This time Iímma fly to Japan, homie
Japan, homie
A man got to understand me
AK for that fucked niggaz
These niggaz ainít giviní me no treasures
These hoes give me some actual pleasures
All she wanna do is take head shots
All that niggaz hear is head shots
Stop freakiní on my shit
These bitches are perfectly surviving
Now look at me ,momma
I realized I donít read no drama
They call me no offence
Cause I donít know that nigga
Cause I need the dollar
I need it hard
Yeah,Iím real cocky
Your girlfriend is mine
Iím real cocky
If you ask anybody who tries to stop me
But thereís no word
Cause they donít got time for that
You got to keep your eye on
You know what it is nigga

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