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Ft. Manolo Rose

(Verse: Rico Love)
See all these pesos
See all these pesos
I'm eatin' like bon appetit
You wish you was on my payroll
I'm on my JO, I'm just like Puffy and Nine-8
All I need is me and J-Lo
Big homie just steered 11 fo' yayo
Home for three months, I'm gon' make sure he stay tho
Bought me a Phantom, I got 'em Porches
I cook fair the [?] on one of my porches
House in the ranches next to them horses
It cost me a fortune but fuck it, it's gorgeous
Ya know it!
Pull up on the block, in the drop
Goin' slowly at the top, and ya know that
Middle finger up to the cops
Makin' sure they see my ratch, boy ya know that
Locked from the cars, nigga, everything ours
So don't ask me where I know that
It's 1:45 in the mornin'!
Ask yoself, where yo hoe at!
She with me, my nigga! She with me!
She with me, my nigga! She with me!
(Turn the lights on!)

(Verse 2: Manolo Rose)
She tryna get outta mine
Boaty, I can take her there
Big banking in Lil Bay
And homie, we ain't playin' fair
Would you consider to see the bigger picture?
She fuck with a playa, I teach her to get richer
She stackin' the bread, man, then I send her back to ya
We stay away from pressure, that I heart yo heart kill ya
Who taught you how to fuck like that?
Who taught you how to suck like that?
Manolo taught you, and that's a muthafuckin' fact!
The dick game crazy, that's why she actin' like that
All the diamonds and pearls, but neva give her dough
The newage version of that nigga Brady Thurman
I'mma keep my jewels for when I send her back, tho

(Verse 3: Rico Love)
Hoes in Miami as big as Orlando
Niggas can't stand me, but can't hold the candle
Whippin' these hits in this bitch like a bando
She like them lamb bows, I bought the Lambo
Dark skin, nigga that can say no
Plus, I got hits like the Beatles, no Ringo
More like Paul John and Jorviks
Old school nigga, drink Parmesan with porridge
Nova on the beat, bakin' soda or the heat
Put the yolo on the street, bitch, you know it's Ric'
Spent a quarter million on the whip, now that's what I call a quarter key
Hate to go to sleep

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