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Wake up and cuddle on TV, I look and I see I'm the visual
Just cuz you just spent the night don't mean I'm bout to wake up and be kissin' you
Don't think I'm dismissing you, too much hoes around me, girl, that's the principle
My name and my face speak for themselves, baby, I feel invincible
No, I don't got puurrp in my cup, just that FMX with that black cherry juice
Please don't front on me, I'll stomp you out with my Timbaland, that's a heavy shoe
Then hop in the back of the Bentley Coupe
No, it ain't mine, but I'm in the shit
Thanks to the guys in my membership
Thank the Lord for the skills and my permitship
We break laws and we force to get ignorant
We take water to grave if you sendin' it
Nothing neva get back when you lendin' it
So hear you can borrow a cinder clip
She forget her tomorrows gone in the _____(?)
They get to me, take long, I been the trip
Got a guilty conscience by my innocence
Pray the Lord wash my sins off, so heaven sent

(Hook: Big Sean)
I'm here for a good time, not a long time, ya know I
I haven't had a good time in a long time, you know I
I'm way up, I feel blessed, way up, I feel blessed
I'm way up, I feel blessed, way up, I feel blessed
(Verse 2)
Shout out my freaky girl, AATL and she know that I miss her
If you got loose screws, hammers fricture
If you think you're too heavy, I'll lift ya
I'm too vocal to try to paint pictures
She only want Hennessy, pardon the picture
And if she take tipper, I'm gon' beg the differ
No jokin', I'd rather give that to my niggas
I'm back on the scene with a heart that got bigger
My arms say MILITIA, experiences turn me to a gorilla
Sit one back like a chinchilla
I met a bad chick who'd have me if I feel her
That was in Duckies when we had the villa
Brought on the doctor, took us to the river
Eat the way that you chose, I might get with you
Yeah, I might get with ya, my faith is like Moses, it only get bigger
Eyes red, my pants saggin', no, I'm not a nigga, boy, I am that nigga!
Please excuse all of the cockiness that's comin' outta me
I'm just so confident
I'm feelin' myself, boy, I'm way up, ain't no stoppin' it

(Hook: Big Sean)
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