Lyrics for Strip Club Pt 2 by Rico Love

Strip Club Pt 2 - Lyrics

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Wish I could turn my hotel into a strip club
Turn the lights on

I really think it's time in here (oh yea, oh yea oh yea oh yea)
For me to see you grind in here (oh yea, oh yea oh yea oh yea)
Coming outta my mind in here (oh yea, oh yea oh yea oh yea)
Dallas and Houston and Philly (I see all the coldest strippers in the city)
You ain't gotta work there, but I can tell you can swerk, yea
And from the way you been eyein' that pole
Make me think you wanna climb that pole
You do, don't you?
Mixed with two puffs of the gandja, the Hennessy creepin' up on ya
We ain't trippin', we just sippin' with the strippers
You lookin' at the no.1 tipper, turn the lights on
She does it to me errtime I'm in here
That's why she spins her leg round when I'm in here
I tell the owner he should close the club later
Cuz he know that

All these girls is tryna make it
All these girls is tryna make it
Throw that money she'll get naked
Girl I know ur trying to make it
And I ain't made at u, baby
I ain't made at u, baby
I'm gon' come through
And I'mma spend it all on you
Strip club part II, yeah yea yea
(Verse 2)
No cheap champagne (oh yea, oh yea oh yea oh yea)
Sittin' in the front, betta tip that stage (oh yea, oh yea oh yea oh yea)
Fallies, DOA, blue flame (oh yea, oh yea oh yea oh yea)
Atlanta, New York and Miami, I treat all 'em girls like they family
Blow a band up in Gold Rush, nahwimtalknbout?
Find a thick brown skin down to fuck, then I'm walkin' out
All up in the mint like I ain't got a cent
Up in PT's I be feelin' like a pimp
Shit, I'm bout to fuck around and spend a nigga rent
Pull up in the drop, shades off, no tint, turn the lights on


Yeah, first strip club I eva went to in Atlanta
Was blue flame, and my nigga Chi took up in there
In D-Town, we got hooked on pin-ups, hehe
And went to see the Jazzy-Ts, we was just sittin' in the parkin' lot
And post up, shit was crazy back then
I remember I seen Sugar fightin' in front of the Gentlemen's Club
She beat the shit out a bitch in front the gentlemen's club
Hahaha, what was that club, the Gold Club? That shit was crazy
I feel like I grew up in the strip club, ya know?
I remember the first time I saw White Chocolate
It was like on a Wednesday night Amateur Night at Strokers
I coulda sworn, I really thought that she was gonna be my wife, fo' real
Goosebumps, damn, it's sure crazy cuz
I feel that it's a part of my life, fo' real
Turn the lights on!
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