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Beat It Up - Lyrics

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Front page of the publication
With the bunsen burnin’ and the blunts a blazin’
I'm a master of grammar and punctuation
But I can't pronounce pronunciation
Got the label discussin’ an offer
Suffocatin’ me under the water
Holdin’ out on a movie deal
When I'm well on my way to becomin’ an author
Twenty thousand leagues under the sea
Bout a hundred more till I'm home
I might stumble down I might shuffle my feet
Never tumble off of my throne thou
I built this from the ground up
Finn sip a Schlitz at the town pub
Like, hey let me get real right quick
Let me light my square let me flick my Bick
Deep sea diver, DC sniper
Term and Ac oversee the cipher
Got a sexy bitch that'll pet the pecker
She peck the pickle, no Peter Piper
Easy rider like Peter Fonda
Spill the beans like a cheap maraca
Fine steal a Honda then flee the Chi
For a tequila sunrise in Tijuana
I endure the urge to kill
And worship murderers in hell
I'm servin’ worms to early birds
Our words are worth a world of wealth
Word of mouth, blurt it out
Twirl it now then burn it down
I've earned the crown by learnin’ how
To work the crowd, turn it loud

Beat it up (x9)
I don't wanna know nobody
Shit, don't nobody know me
All I know is how to flow to a dope beat
Don't even know how to hold a thought
Frozen flow, wait no it's not
Scaldin’ hot like a pot on a stove top
Smoke pot by my lonesome
Fine go out like a golden god
I got a bone to pick with your cats
So load the clip or fall back
The grand inquisitor
Granted I'm actin’ a tad suspicious
Ants in my pants I'm panic stricken
Don't ask for the dance if you lack the rhythm
As a matter of fact
Fine go from rags to riches
Then back to rags in the bat of a lash
You may want it in every way
But you'll never be famous so don't quit your day job
Blow smoke in the face of death
Take a breath then hope that it pays off
Tragically I'd rather be unhappy than hip
What's your poison? Have a sip
My blood is boilin’ I'm mad as hell, well
Terminal K
Determine to live in unguis
Stay pervertin’ this English language
Word bitch, my mission statement is beat it up

Beat it up x 4

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