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Feat. Kevin Gates, Trick Daddy & Trina

Should be on the ground and I love that shit
Money on the grind, man I love that shit
And all these bitches are pretty
But you the coldest bitch in the city
Coldest, coldest bitch in the city
Turn the lights on

Got no problem gettiní what she ask for
Wonít take sharp, she donít seem no o-s
Wiz Califa all over her passport
Countries in Europe, she donít see it all
And she behind Ďem bags and shoes, she supposed to
But it gotta feel good knowing that a real nigga's right there that'll hold you down
Ain't scared to say that I got you now (I swear, itís the remix)

Even when you out of town, when you touch down
When you touch down, you be the
Coldest bitch in the city, coldest bitch in the city, coldest bitch in the (x3)
Even when you out of town, when you touch down
When you touch down, you be the
Coldest bitch in the city, coldest bitch in the city, coldest bitch in the (x2)
Coldest bitch in the city, coldest bitch in the city, coldest bitch in the, coldest bitch in the
Yo Kevin Gates,
First class flights, how you fly
You ainít gotta pay, when youíll fly you will get down
But I have some three relate and Iíll get down
Run a corner hoop, got a crib and Iíll wip down
Eye browns on your stomach like Iím in a roll chair
Over hoers, I compete, me wonít even feel fair
Designa bag sharper, just a problem in the closet
Jeweler touchiní down, droppiní diamonds in the locket
Favor room, make it roll, fine make it so vertical
Room it should lose me in the crib for converting me
No thief use to eat dick like girl food
Total move, quit slow, fat ass,
Put it on you like Iím working home deep hard
Ainít scared to say that I got you now

Lord know she the best thing, here to make nigga some corn place
Sweet as some cool lake
But why should Iíll be lookiní my chops
When I could be linkiní you twice
Tastiní your flance, kissiní all over your neck
Roabiní and suckiní your chest
We can go to my place
I meet you for a beat it, I eat it while you still in my face
We can do some other thing
I'm freaky deeky I'll make ya come like you never came
See you ain't like them other hoes, so I lick you low
And I be sucking on your pretty toes
How you trumbeliní and tieseliní
And Iím keepiní on my hat and my temelins
Why do the thug thing?
And we ainít got a shower and I
But Iíll make you here spin like you hanginí from the ceiliní
We can do the bass on
In the kitchen, in the liviní room
We can do it on youtube for worst hip hop
We can see it on ITunes, we can do a half time on half court
Cuz you gonna need some time out
Cuz if we go on over time
Iímma have to put it down and donít stop until you pass out

Coldest bitch in the city, I got my own,
Shit we can go fifty-fifty
Rolliní up sticky, smoke til Iím dizzy
Look at me, come get my tidies a hicky
Trina, the one all the boys dream Ďbout?
It will be a way to clean it out
Bad shit, bitches wouldnít know a thing about
Show you how you stun hoer
Still hood, make back with the honey spokes
Paris special, we hit the first road
Brakiní down, weed, rolliní blunt stone
Made a million of shows
Spend a million on clothes
Still the badest bitch
Still killiní these hoers

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