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Exit 75 - Lyrics

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Yeah, exit 75, 5, yeah
Yeah, exit 75, 5, yeah
Yeah, exit 75, 5, yeah
Yeah, exit 75, 5, uh

Niggas bit the hand, I fed 'em salt, watch them starve
The statue of greatness is just the way that I was carved
Got took time making me, the way he made you
He said 'fuck it, Jesus peace on, I'd be damned if I tuck it'
You got my name in yo mouth? Why that girl that you in luv with
Got my dick in hers? And that the only place that I stuck it
I drop a song in one day, and that shit get 1000 plays
Meanwhile, you couldn't get 1000 plays in 1000 days
But see, I'm like a mix between Pablo... Escobar and Picasso
In other words, my art is dope
They'd rather lynch me than show me the ropes
So fuck 'em, they oughta choke and they artichoke
Excuse me for ramblin', sometimes you gotta put the bandana on
To get to Rambo-in', block blocka blocka, see, I send shots
Like a bartender, but I'd rather be 100.000 up on a car spender
You local rappers will always remain local rappers
And now I hate to live that life that you livin'
I drive away from people that non-driven
You should escape to a place where nobody could find you
With the water downflows, nigga, ______(?) should sign you, uh

(Verse 2)
If a nigga eva said he fucked my girl
Then she was neva my girl to begin with
Just a girl I was friends with
And just in case she hears this
This isn't a dismiss, just know you been dis-missed
The nerve of you, tisk tisk
Grammies out my Windows, rollies hang outta windows
Of a McLaren, just got scooped out from a Karen
Tryna persuade my girl to have a foursome with Sharon and Karin
Cause you know, sharin' is carin'
Rule no.1, neva disrespect the imperial nigga
Hope you get killed while eatin' cereal by serial killas
Someone that neva touched rim can neva tell me how to dunk
And that's just me bein' blunt
So please keep yo unsolicitated advice to yoself
And let me live life by myself
They neva opened doors for me
I saw the window of opportunity and I climbed through it
Point to yo favorite rapper name and I'll put a line through it

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