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This is the story of Betty and Sue
Two women left their husbands..
for eachother.
(one, two, three and.. *laugh*)

I was watchig opera yesterday
And Gloria Steinem came on to say
Gloria Steinem? Who's Gloria Steinem?
Gloria Steinem is a famous feminist
She says there's no seperation between housewife and feminist
She says you can be a housewife and a feminist
All you housewives can be
famous feminists just like me
Now I am cooking the vegetables and valueing myself
(cooking the vegetables and valueing myself, cooking the vegetables and valueing myself)

Gloria where have you been? (where have you been?)
You became my inspiration (my inspiration)
Gloria where have I been? (where have I been?)
All these years I've been listening to Jim
could i have the.. of the game??
Where is my dinner?

Gloria please save me now (save me now)
I need to free myself please tell me how (free myself)
I am becoming a coward
Gloria Steinem, where are you now?
Gloria steinem, wait a minute,
I heard on public radio that Gloria Steinem was gonna be speaking at a rally for womens rights in Washington DC!
Gloria, Gloria, I'm buying my ticket today

I'm going to the rally in Washington
I'm gonna see her at the rally in Washington
I'm gonna find her at the rally in Washington
I can't wait for the rally in Washington
Shit Sue! What am I gonna tell Jim?
Well.. tell him you're on a buisnesstrip
buisnesstrip? Sue, I'm a housewife...
Alright, tell him you're adducted by a strange group of aliens

Sue you're watching too much to the X-files
They took a .. out of your left breast and planted it into Washington DC and you've got to go there to rediscover a part of yourself
Rally? Womens rights? Who the hell you think you are?
My name is Betty and my name is Sue
And there's a lot of thing we can't do
'Cause we are, wannabe feminist housewives
Yeah, We are gonnabe feminist housewives

See you later Jim
I'm going to the rally in Washington
Well that was five years ago, today
I said: Herb, you can take you're ASUV and shuff it up your ass
Me and Betty, we're hitting the road
AAh I'm switching all the way up
I don't know Herb, it's not that I have anything against you
It's just, you're not really my type Herb
Look, look, there's no need to argue, this is goodbye Herb

I'm trying not to slam the door on my way out Okay,
and try not to choke from the dust coming from my heels, Herb
Ow and Herb, don'forget to feed our... (?)
Bye (miauw)
And suddenly, Betty and I were free
We were finally free
going to the rally in Washington
I'm ... to the rally in Washington
I couldn't wait for the rally in Washington
He Sue, we're almost at the rally in Washington

Well I'm sure it's not hard for you to imagine what happened in that car on that road to that rally in Washington DC, right?
Some people say that it was destiny that Betty and I got in that car and got on that road to go to that rally.
Some people say that abandoned angels guided our car on that road.
who knows.
something about the room, the way her skin mixed with vinl
I realize, Sue, that I've been losting you for four years now(I've been losting her for four years now)
Betty, I've been losting after you for four years now
(I've been losting after you, for four years now)
OMG Betty (I've been lost...
OH my God. Oh. My. God
I'm a dike (?)
I'm a dike (?)
I'm a dike (?)
dike (?), dike (?), D-D-D-dike (?)

We're great moms
(haha, I wanna do that again)
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