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Just pull the plug!!!
People Say that im a bad influence
i say the worlds already fucked im just addin to it
they say im suicidal teenagers newest idol
come on!
do as i do
go ahead get mad and do it
People Say that im a bad influence
i say the worlds already fucked im just addin to it
they say im suicidal teenagers newest idol
come on!
do as i do
go ahead get mad and do it
(just pull the plug)

Hand me an 8 beam me up and land me in space
i'ma sit on top of the world and shit on brandy and mase
im more then ill scarier then a white journalist in a room with lauryn hill
human horror film
but with a lot funnier plot and people who feel me cuz i'ma still be the mad rapper weather i got money or not as long as im on pills and i got plenty of pot i'll be in a cannoe paddling making fun of your yatch
but i would like an award for the best rapper to get one mic and a source
and a woredrobe i can afford otherwise i might just send up
"pack striking at ford" and you wonder what the fuck i need more vicoden for
everybody's pissing me off even a No Limit tank looks like a middle finger sideways flipping me off
no shit im in grave danger to my health why else would i kill you then jump in a grave and bury myself

Verse 2:
im the illest rapper to hold the "cordless" patroling corners looking for hookers to punch in the mouth with a roll of quarters
im meaner in action then "rosco" beating james "star" Sr. across the back with vaccuum cleaner attachments
i grew up in a wild hood as a hazardous youth with a fucked up childhood that i use as an excuse and ain't shit changed i kept the same mindstate
since the 3rd time i failed 9th grade
you probably think im a negative person dont be so sure of it i dont promote violence i just encourage it i laugh at the sight of death as i fall down a cement flight of steps and land aside a bed of spider webs
so throw caution to the wind you and a friend can jump off of a bridge and if you live do it again (Shit) why not blow your brain out im blowing mine out fuck it you only live once you might as well die now [just let it go]

Verse 3:

my laser disc will make you take a razor to your wrist Make you satanistic
Make you take the pistol to your face
And place the clip and cock it back
And let it go until your brains
are rippin' out your skull so bad
to sew you back and be a waste of stitches
I'm not a Role Model, I don't wanna babysit kids
I got one little girl, and Hailey Jade is Shady's business
And Shady's just an alias I made to make you pissed off
Where the fuck were you when Gil was payin me to dishwash
I make a couple statements and now look how crazy shit got
You made me get a bigger attitude than 80 Kim scotts
And she almost got the same fate that Grady's bitch got
I know that Just the Two of Us would make you hate me this much
And Just the Two of Us
That ain't got shit to do with us and our personal life
It's just words on a mic.
So you can call me a punk, a pervert or a chauvinist pig
But the funny shit is that I still go with the bitch
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