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(M&L - Weikath)
W: Weikie
J: Johnny (Interviewer)
J: Hello I'm Johnny and I thought we were going to do the
interview at your place.
W: Well, hello there Well, actually this is my place. Now just
come in and let's sit down over there.
J: Yeah but weren't we going to do photographs as well?

W: You mean uh well what's the big deal? Let's just go for it.
J: Well, it's just that it's a bit bloody smokey in here. I can't see
a thing.
W: Oh, alright we can open a window. We might get rid of the
smell as well I guess.

J: Ah, hey your English is coming along pretty good. Its not
W: Oh, oh yeah. thank you, thanks. But I know much people
say that.

J: Ah, um, Is this me? Can we get started now or are we just
gonna fuckin keep talking like this?
W: Right but please, before, let me play a little piece to you.
It's a new track I wrote. It's inspired by Kiss you know. You
know Kiss? They got that track called "Rock'n Roll All Night"
and so I thought I'd do one called "Rock 'n' Roll All Day". Am
I not ingeniously?

J: Well I suppose so but don't you think we should get.
W: You know I thought it could become real smashing hit. I
think it's great! Hey come over here and I'll play it to you.

J: No, listen, listen a minute, listen would you like to get.
W: No wait. listen, this is the intro. Now that's the intro. Now
you listen Ha ha.

W: Oh, I sung it, I sung it my own cause it's more original. Great
J: No, no, no, no, It's quite interesting but come on.

W: Oh wait, just listen.
J: Urghh!

W: Cool!
J: Yes Michael but don't you think we have to.

W: Wait, here comes to the chorus coming right up. This as
we say in German will be a milestone in Gemman rock history.
Here the chorus. There, there it goes.
J: Michael! Michael! I'm sorry but it s not really..

W: What. what. OK Stop!
J: Michael, Michael don't you think we should um..

W: Oh wait wait, wait, wait. I'll wind it a bit ahead you know,
and I'll play you the solo part and because it's the best solo I
ever played, you know.
J: Jesus, God damn it! I really don't think that we have the time
to do this.

W: Um, OK, OK. You will hear it anyway, a thousand times
when its a, when it s a hit! You'll, You'll hear it on every radio
station and on video! Well how do you like it, it's a great track
isn it and I like the Iyrics 'cause I wrote them and they're quite
rock 'n roll huh?
J: Well actually Michael, I'm really sorry but I don't really like
it. It's not really.

W: Well, maybe you didn't listen properly I could maybe
change the lyrics here or there, but it s really Kiss!
J: No, No.

W: Listen, I'll play it to you once more and then you'll admit
that it's really. No?
J: No, Not at all. Just look. I don't care how many times you
play this crap to me, it still sucks!

W: Oh?
J: And anyway, I mean, oh Jesus, I'm gonna go away and
interview Roland. I mean, Jesus, what a bunch of fuckin'

J: What a fuckin' bunch of bullocks!
W: Um, well so, what's wrong with him? Maybe next time I
should do it with someone from Kerrang.
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