Lyrics for Black On Black Crime by Pop Da Brown Hornet

Black On Black Crime - Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah
Gon' keep that spectacular, free shit
Put a condom in ya ear, i'm bout to make love to it

[pop da brown hornet]
I'm not sure, no more, constant war
What's it all for? everybody out here poor
Niggas cuttin throat, got crack heads sellin soap
Little shorties down the block, pushin dope and coke
Try and make it out the ghetto, where you gon run to
Oh i see he got you, exactly where he wants you
In the projects, doin fucked up things
Like sellin crack, it's like my whole family fiends
If it ain't one thing, it's bound to be another
Peace to all three time felons, word to mother
Niggas gettin hit with outrageous bids
While the next man in the world raisin ya kid
Now what you gon do, it's all up to you
Be your own man, or run behind your crew
If you get bag, don't expect no help
In the street life, everybody roll for delf
Chorus 2x:
Black on black crime, you know it gotta stop
It's time that my peeps, we start reachin for the top
The only way we gonna get there, is together
Let's start the revolution, you know i'm for whatever

[pop da brown hornet]
If i had one wish, every black man would be rich
Own they own property, have they tailor made shit
In peacefully, in luxury, comfortably
Every memory, would be a butter milk fantasy
We enjoy the great outdoor, fuck war
Everyday live, would be like a paid rapper on tour
Without the problems, we don't really need them
Every wiz would be a dime, every nigga be handsome
The only drug would be jarweed, with a little bonbon jee
That's all a black man need
Money would be somethin that we burn in the fire
While livin in alaska, with ya midnight desire
Sippin on dacarri, happily, enjoyin the scenery
Snow fall, natural like a girl's virginity
Every time be like the first time
Somethin like the last time
Remindin you of your past time
When things bob you wasn't that great
Robbin niggas for waste, up ya childhood upstate
Couldn't escape, the gun slingin, flower bringin
Under the buildin, callin yourself kingpinnin'
Chorus 2x
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