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[Chorus] I live and die for what I believe in Represent the truth of God's Word every season Since I'm the reason for His bleedin' Now I represent Him 'til the day I stop breathin' [The Ambassador] There's a war, and I can tell you straight from the door that it's raw Not for the weak it's for the hardcore Rugged soldier, this rugged brother told ya, "I love Jehovah" I love like women love Montel and Oprah We're getting' close to the rapture Maranatha Coming soon is the Master try and capture The idea, the incarnate God coming right here Christ, yea, rulin' planet earth in His white gear I hear you say He's not, trying to take away this hope we've got But we're not shook so we drop jams, we're out to show He's got The ability to save like coupons at the grocery spot Defend the faith are you with it, my crews with it Christ died, love had everything to do with it Before Christ we loved secular life but now we're through with it We don't fool with it, if Jesus Christ aunt down we isn't cool with it Who is it that wants to hustle, tussle, flex muscle Defend the Christian faith and the text plus you'll Do some Jesus advertising, join the theocratic side and We'll see the Son risin' [Chorus] [The Ambassador] Will the real Jesus please stand up, wait there's eight of them Nine of them, a whole line of them, there's all kinds of them Is it the one with dreds or the blond head The one with blue eyes or the one hangin' between those two guys Or the one that they say is just a prophet He nothing special, He's just the one before Mohammed Or the archangel or the man healing on T.V Or the other cat that's leading masses up to D.C Or is He the eternal God of all creation, Lord of all the nations The Sovereign, even the boss of Satan The one making the world spin, keeping high winds twirling' While He's getting' it on in the world wind He made the sheep that made the fur for your shirlin' Even made the oyster that made your pearls and Matter of fact He made your boy, or, your girlfriend Strong enough to put Jupiter on a bar and start curlin' This one seems to be fittin' the true description Of the one that gets in, fits in hearts and then convicts them You should pick Him, because He conquered crucifixion He took a lickin' but I tell you He kept on tickin' [Chorus] [The Ambassador] I continue to preach Christ earth is my venue Like McDonald's fries, He's the best thing on the menu When you defend Christ it could be hazardous But if you die you're going to live again like Lazarus Plus add to this the reward of bringing fabulous Truths that transform cause the Lord be changing characters Let's get equipped to represent Him in an industry Where they preach a different Christ and reject the trinity And when they see us loving while they're all hatin' And when they hear us call God while they call Satan They'll say the people of God be getting busy like a phone with no call waitin' The falls breakin' Men's backs as the ax cuts the access to the King's palace And that's just utter blackness, in fact, sin puts heads to bed like a mattress [Chorus]
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