Lyrics for Ancoats 2 Zambia by The Baby Namboos

Ancoats 2 Zambia - Lyrics

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Go as a luxury pass on to the middle class While the poor play in parks filled with broken glass And as we point our fingers we turn our backs We can't accept each other and that's a matter of fact Indoctrinated you since you were a boy Ever since the day you've seen the rich kids Told within a year you'd be a part of them Broke away from the grape and this all started it So you won't stay or take a drug at all 'Cause you know you're so susceptible They turn against you, now you're full of hate You can't accept it, now you're in an irate state This is Wrecks-N-Effects and i shake up their flex They got techs break their necks And their building their reps Who the Boos Who to choose how they wearin' the shoes In army I enlist and takin' a piss Certain things I have seen So i'm lookin' to grieve Powers usually runnin' They're buyin' the buildings And then they sell At least a bell and they're breakin' 'em down My life to the rocks Livin' in a shoebox Social security They like the poor in me Bring out the whore in me Then knock the door on me Cheap tricks don't like chicks And I'm rubbin' their hips Who the Boos Who to choose how they wearin' the shoes It was a long time ago and started to grow Forest fire earned and sent me afrocentric negroes So i juxtapose This goes out to those Who turned up their nose a long time ago Now i flex upon a rhythm cushion tempo I flex upon a rhythm cushion tempo So open your mind If you feel you could go Clean out your ears well While i clear my throat The vital ingredient, the antidote Willy Wee flex like some other one It's a feelin' that I get sometimes When I'm lyin' in my bed sometimes Black cloud in my head sometimes Intoxicating my mind, my mind It's not that I wanna die Baby just that I wanna fly But this feelin' that I get sometimes I could sever all ties, all ties Hate the color of my skin sometimes Hates to see what I see sometimes So how can i ever win my time I was sold on the other side 'Cause a wasted life is no such thing There's no such thing as a wasted life 'Cause life is death and death is life And these here thoughts are not a crime One day is forever, forever is a day It's so fucking easy to throw it all away
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