Lyrics for Atmosphere Vs The Dogs Of Dawn by The North Atlantic

Atmosphere Vs The Dogs Of Dawn - Lyrics

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So you left me in this city all alone with a mouth full of wires and a room of iron ghosts and a pill trail to the end of the night where you will never be waiting, never be, alright So you said you want to take this on your own live on a cold ship choking on there bones I saw you on the road last night a car crash, all scribble chrome and headlights Dear mother, everything is fine I want to burn up into atmosphere So thin like Dear father, father Everything is alright A morning of bombs Will bring on this night so they left us in this city all alone cold and waiting for the dogs of dawn no voice and only static for sight street sweepers pushing us all into night so you said you want to take this on your own dead in the fusillade crushed and under stones swallow fire now and spit it out your eyes our drunk dusk comes swallowing the light so you left me in this city all alone waiting for the dogs of dawn put out their eyes and tie their arms get them ready for the dogs of dawn And the city crushed your heart and filled your eyes with ghosts they broke back upon back upon back filled up every inch of this coast And we're afraid of the cold so we swallowed the sparks and we don't sleep alone because we're afraid of the dark Flew a thousand miles in every direction And if there is one thing that's true This city never ends Concrete always wins Pilot 1 To bombardier 2 Abort, abort I cant hear you
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