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Ambition Of A Rider - Lyrics

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Imma show you what life is nigga,
cuz evidently you aint got a mother fucking clue,
you niggas is haters,
mad at me nigga cuz i started my own company,
and you wanna get down nigga you just dont know how to ask me nigga,
all you gotta do is say,
"I wanna get down"

Its life and im on a mission dog to get these dead presidents,
calibasses is where i want my residence,
a wife to cook and clean and she also got some elegance,
chopa one shot could take out a whole elephant,
buy the same car twice even though it sounds irrelevant,
the feds on my ass but they cant find no evidence,
so they putting me, back and forth through investigations,
now im bussin niggas heads outta frustration,
got cowards runnin when they see me because intimidations,
when i got my first gun that was activation,
first kid to blast with no hesitation,
bullets fly lone like jordan on elevation,
now im marking these cats as MLK patients,
no alligations, the black wall was life affiliation,
im only 16 and its me against the nation,
life is one of gods creations,
im gettin money now nigga so fuck probation,
i was taught to play hoes like a playstation,
to be on top of the world was my destination,
and yall niggas hatin.
Yall niggas aint fuckin with life,
my nigga be on point game tight,
yall niggas wanna be this nigga,
envy this nigga,
he rollin with game now (2x's)

Back to reality,
fo' fifth put a hole in ya body,
and leave a travesy,
and hollowtips hit and fuck up ya chest cavity,
heard i was fucking with game,
now ya wanna capture me,
send ya boys after me,
but i got killers thatll blow up the whole galaxy,
and leave ya team feeling finickey,
like they drunk a whole bottle of hennessy,
and fuck all my enemys,
you aint a friend of me,
if you and a kin of me,
life'll leave you missin like the kenedys,
black wallstreet got plenty cheese,
thought it was tennatheens,
rappin was my biggest dream,
now im rollin with game and the killa team,
thats all about money..power..respect,
these niggas on our ass so we gotta take out showers with tec's,
every other hour with sex,
young dude got a benz, but i desire a vette,
flyin a jet,
when i most need em,
and dat nigga.. young life you dudes just cant beat em
Yall niggas aint fuckin with life,
my nigga be on point game tight,
yall niggas wanna be this nigga,
envy this nigga,
he rollin with game now (2x's)

Life game tight like a virgin,
if this that time of the month then blood squirtin,
she gon need more then a pad,
look at his arms and legs
he gon need more than a bag,
chop em up throw his boys in the trash,
100 spokes, 24's on a jag,
ya bitch watching,
she got it bad,
in and out then she gotta smash,
only 16 still gotta curfew,
stida climb out my bedroom window and merc you,
yo bitch witchu, i might kill her too,
might just run through that ass like herschel,
carl bearing glitter in a reebok commercial,
and i aint gon lie she look good in the first two,
but thats enough of the bitch,
i was only fucking the bitch,
i aint even nut in the bitch
all i did was bust in her mouth,
you got something to say, and all yo teeth im bussin em out.. BITCH!
Yall niggas aint fuckin with life,
my nigga be on point game tight,
yall niggas wanna be this nigga,
envy this nigga,
he rollin with game now (2x's)

(Game talking)
Thats life ma'fucka,
that nigga only 16,
passenger side of a 760 nigga,
while yo mafuckin nephew riding a bike home from school,
imma tell you what imma do though,
imma buy dis nigga a brand new fuckin range rover,
fully equipped, tinted windows, 26's,
and a driver nigga,
the mother fucking cars coming with a driver nigga,.... and a tuxedo,
Hahahaha.. Black wallstreet nigga,
Trademark bitch,
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