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I was driving around this godforsaken
Where everybody is homeless or they
look homeless
I was drawn to the piers and they
looked to me like
Two beacons in a hurricane city
Under the bright lights that's where
it all began
I met the devil by the deep blue sea
And I watched from my truck
As you collapsed on the beach
I picked you up then helped you
to sleep
And when I looked back I was parked
there "waiting"
What was I waiting for?
I was waiting for you
And as I watched you sleeping I had a strange thought
This is the beginning but the
beginning of what?

Hold on to life
Hold on to life
She recovered all right and we got
to talking
I ended up telling her how I felt
And Jesus Christ it was such a surpise
I was in love with one look in her eyes
Before she said one word, before
I heard her story
It didn't matter, I was hooked.

"I'm a junkie and a dealer, yeah I'm a tart
It's not smart I know, I cut men up
My mum says I'm the
black widow spider
Pull men into my web then fuck them up
At 15 my boy and I were walking home
one night
A drunk driver hit us, Mike was killed
Had a row with the next one,
he roared off
He crashed into a bus, I was a flame
to his moth
I had a violent scene with my
long term man
He took drugs and OD'd,
so can you understand?
When my mother says I'm the black widow spider
Keep away from her, don't you ever get
beside her
Hold on to life
Hold on to life

I looked at her, she lived in such danger
But she walked into trouble, I knew I
could change her
So I bought her the heroin she needed
which kept her off the game
Then one of her druggy friends
asked me
To do the run to Spain
"You've got the perfect front
With your big fuck off truck"
Yeah, I had a lot of front and figured
I was due more good luck
For a truckful of smack they said
they'd give me 20 grand
I said yeah, but it's not the money
I need the H for Diane
I beat the customs and I beat the fear
But I had a lot of time to think
Bringing back the gear
I couldn't let those bastards kill
more Dianes
So first stop, the cops, I shopped the
whole gange
And would you believe it,
those cops paid me 40 grand

Hold on to life
Hold on to life
But we had to leave Brighton
There was a contract on his head
He said we'll get it together in the country
We headed for Wales.
He said we were living like lucky people
He bought us a semi with a cat
Ate TV dinners, watched a lot of soaps

He had so many, so many high hopes
Whereas I just hoped to be high
He tried to get me off the drugs,
on my case always
I'd never had so many boring holidays,
I didn� appreciate it enough, then he complained,
I guess it's simple, I needed to see bright
lights again,
He was using his truck to carry spaghetti and pasta
But me, I needed a life that was a whole lot faster
Wanted to be back in Brighton
Wanted to feel like me
I loved him for what he'd done for me
But I wasn't in love anymore.
Hold on to life
Hold on to life

Yeah, it's like Harlan Howard says
She loved the Brighton lights more
than she loved me
She called them beautiful jewels, too
special to steal
They shone like the eyes of children
Or the lips of lovers
One night I came home and
she was gone
Where to, it didn't take me long
Though there was a contract out
on my life
I didn't give a fuck, I needed my wife
I found her alright, with a guy called Cat
She was hooked again in Brighton,
screamed she wouldn't come back
To cut a long story short,
That was That.
It's the last time I'll be driving round
the Steine
Round the fountains and the dark
shadowy green
I got some skag from a friend of Cat's
Swapped if for a house in Wales,
nice semi with a cat
Well I won't be needing it anymore
My wife has turned into a whore
I'm parked by the post-box,
in between the piers,

Where I first saw her
Where it all began
I drop the letter in the box,
and walk out on the beach
This time, it's me collapsed in a heap
Hold on to life
Hold on to life

The police got the tape and this is
what it said
By the time you get this, I'll be dead
You'll find me on the beach
where it all started
I'm doing this because of my wife
I love her dearly, but she doesn't
feel the same
I can't face life without her, and I
can't live with her
Not while she's like this
She was clean for 18 months when
we were together
But now she's back in this life
I spent 40 grand trying to
make her happy
But now the money's gone
And so has she.

Hold on to life
Hold on to life
That was two weeks ago,
cut me up bad.
I OD'd myself last weekend
I didn't want this sort of end
I just fell out of love with him
I wanted him to go, or to let me go
But he called me his wife, he was
He'd fallen head over heels
in love with me
Just like the rest
(the way that they all do)
There's my new boyfriend
Isn't he beautiful, hey meet Jim
I guess in a year, if my mum's right
You'll be writing an epitaph for him.

Hold on to life
Hold on to life
Under the bright lights where it all began,
I met my devil by the deep blue sea
Freakin' Brighton, freakin' Brighton,
freakin' Brighton, freakin' Brighton
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