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(feat. Sparks)

[Omillio Sparks]
Philly shit.....
yall niggas stop snitching out there we see you
How you get indited and come straight home? answer that
Wrap up in your quilts and tripple goose, its gon be a cold winter
The streets got me feeling trapped like my wrist be in handcuffs
Omillio Sparks you niggas I distance myself from snitches
Cause them madicons I'll have you feeling like you driving on cobblestones
On the road to the riches, but I try to run a smooth operation but lately
I find myself carrying burners with me
Cause niggas that I knew since a child wanna kill me now - no problem
I know how to handle that, I send em shots from the mac
Try to understand I come to far to fall back
SHIT! Not even a year ago I was there crack
slinging crack on the back of dirty blocks
with yall getting my scrape on til the cops rolled up
That's was home and I stay dedicated
But I saw no numbers
I guess thats whats yall gon call taking a fall but I'm a man
So I set aside the set backs tryed to bounce back got a this rap
Covered it all from the movies, the videos to fucking these groupies
Even long money, now these niggas wanna test me
But I don't give a fuck, I'm feeling like William H.Bonnie tonight
Who wanna make the papers I could make ya famous
Go for your guns, start the ignition how many of yall gon ride to night
NOT TO MANY NIGGAS! Cause half yall fake niggas turn out to be snitch niggas

Bitch niggas, snitch niggas, bitch niggas, pussy motherfuckers
Its time for you snitch niggas to be exposed
don't let me find out theres a bitch under them clothes
Real thugs stand up straight never fold
and they don't shit if anything ever blows
You muthafucking right Mac keep them weapons drawn
For you niggas that rap and keep them dresses on its getting out of hand
Niggas taking the stand picking out they man
Lifting they right hand to snitch on they right hand
Whats behind that shit you both push bricks
but you gon make a statement and sign that shit
After that anything goes, your kids thats a brick in they nose
Ill steal your gat and live by the cold
Ill rather die than be labeled a snitch, snake rat or a bitch
I hate a theif but I know I'm a prick
You fucking lames in the game like its sweet
Never came from the streets
Type to get locked and change ur name to Shareef
Its fucked up when your team got a bitch on it
Bench warmers, you got bench warrants
Detective got a tech with two prints on it
But you the only one that get arrested and pinched for it
Get knocked ill have you touched every way
Extorted every other week fucked every other day
Niggas with the will, to run in your hut, run in your but
Six foot niggas tongueing you up
You niggas gossip like soap operas
but them niggas upstate use the mop sticks so proper
You niggas is bitch I know you got in yall
Cause the dog allows me to spot it in yall

[Chorus x5]
[Beanie] Snitch ass bitch ass muthafuckas
[Sparks] Get down or lay down
[Beanie] Get down or fucking lay down
Yall know the fucking rules lay down you stay down
[Sparks] Ride Muthafuckas Ride
[Beanie] I know my nigga Touche know whats its like to be snitched o
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