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[INTRO: Choclair]
Uhh, yeah
Now look in the mirror
Tell me what you see
Bomb diggy dogg baby
We be rubbin' tonight (yo)
We be lovin' tonight (right)
Uhh, yeah
Ha ha

I remember seeing you in spaghetti straps
Nappack held up by you ass back
When I seen it, I was like DAMN!
Girl do you have man
Body look like it was wrapped in seran
Hear me
Told me alone, I was kind of surprise
Out late night, spending mad cash chillin'
See the walk you were walking, open my eyes
And the talk I was talking, parted your thighs
But they ain't nothing wrong
'Cause we both grown
Hitting in the morning until we strong grown
And we strong moan and waking up the block
And getting all confused, not showing from your boyfriend
Don't dwell on these minor details
Let's cruise with the wind blowing, speed the sails
We could rock on, and cruise home
Plus your tight skirt be flashing your thong
Shit's on, oh girl
[CHORUS: Saukrates]
You fronting like I ain't 'bout to knock it
I got a rocket in my pocket
Two tickets to your ecstacy
And one for this chick standing next to me
If she with it, I'mma hit it (I'mma hit it)
Baby you is wit it (is you wit it, wit it)
I'mma hit it (I'mma hit it)
I'mma hit it

See I was peeping your style
You was sitting at the bar with your hand on a Marnier Grand (ha ha)
Now baby to all these people, notice who you are
So they ready try to score
Pulling out their bill folds, buy a red rose to give you
I chill on the humble in my jeans and steel toes
I see your eyes moving in stealth mode
But then you realize, oh shit it's Choc on the side
See moving to my side, and when she walks she glides
Body looking strong like Cadillac designs
She moves close, her finger running up my elbow
And then invites me to her humble abode
Check it, uhh
Now before I get in it, first she walks around naked
Says she loves prospects and talks about her fetish
How she loves dark skinned men, hairy chested
She's hefty breasted, movements fuel injected
She says she's rough at first, but when I start to groan
I be closing every night and taking it straight to the dome
So we could rule the world or you could stay at home
But tonight she be ready to bone, it's on
Oh boy

See this is for my ladies in open toed shoes
And belly chains that make money and like their sex sweaty
Who like their sex messy and ready to go
And not afraid to say they ready to bone (it's on)
And not afraid to peel of they thong
And not afraid to take it straight to the dome
And for my dogs that make laws and cruise off shore
With five in the pocket, or drop shitty causes
For when it comes to strokes, spring break miss capone(?)
Take no crumb cake to clear out the bars
Watch yourself girl when you're playing it close
'Cause you'll get the strokes and then get ghost
It's on
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