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Skyline - Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah
Che-che-che-che-check one (one one one)
Y'all can move if ya wanna
yo, yo
Picture me just a kid once again
Innocent in this world full of sin
A time, took a pull, pop's head took a spin
Hand came crashing up the side of my chin
A lesson that I learned from him
Rarely remembering him
Even hard to consider him friend
My moms tried to make these endz
We be poor, eviction notice on the door
Will it come to an end?
Pimple head kid in a Pope cardigan
Hoping, the shots don't bust again
Cause I done lost two friends, in the parking lot
Now their mom hates me, and hip hop
Still she moved on, can't fathom the lost of your first born
Some kids got a deal with the devil sworn
They miss the small print then, with a blink

[CHORUS: Andreena Mill]
I'm a get it my way, that's all I wanna do
I'm reaching for the sklyine, where dreams come true
If you came here to party, that's all I wanna do
Just reach for the skyline where dreams come true
It was a Kodac moment
When I saw these three people, beat this man honest
Knew the cops would not be on it
Survival of the fittest, now these crew adapt Blue
And outfit in it
Attitudes are well screwed and wanna deal with it
Now mommas crying, and babies dying
Earfuls of dudes saying that who's you
Pissed off cause your teen years are through
Newborns 19, you 42
When you get out, you considered old school
And old dogs don't want no new rules
Picture, a new rapper disrespecting Grand Master
Naw, that can't happen
Time to get back in
You call up your soldiers trying to make moves again
You're setting up shop, but your on claimed turf man

It's still a snap shot in time
When the world knew me and you aligned
Ya, we talked, had dinner, did
All the things that you do in a friendship
A Brass Rail, two G.M.'s, you ale
Three chicks, contract signed, chart rise
My position is, couldn't be better
For a kid in a Sears sweater
Piss coat, uff Tims, no change then (chi-ching)
Straight power moves
But individuals make individual moves
One overseas, other V.P
One got his own, now its just me but it's home
New blood, new heart, but they ain't birth it
And mergers make 'em nervous
But it's the team so it's worth it (we work this shit y'all)
Mad work, mad clubs, got crunk y'all
On tour almost got into two brawls
It's striaght love y'all, but I moved on
It's Greenhouse, green baggie, nd a grean lawn
I'll see y'all when I see y'all

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