Lyrics for Big Mac 11 by THE DAYTON FAMILY

Big Mac 11 - Lyrics

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welcome to mcdonalds my i take you order - i want a fully loaded big mac and
bitch that aint on the menue cause this mac is a fully loaded mac11 bullet in
you so i advise you hit the floor hoe my road dog code name baby O close the
white door there was a hero in the crowd i seen her body twitch i pulled the
trigger shes a bloody and a happy bitch over the counter theres some skinny
white cryin slut no time for bitches so i buster with the rifle but and now the
manager is tryin to nagoshiat he chockin blood from the bullets that he eatin
huh my mac11 got you whole city under seige big mac11 taken over this and micky
d's some freindly customer didnt understand what i was sayin i had to pop that
ho to show you bitches i aint playin i heard a sound some fool was runnin for
the fuckin door i opened fire beat that bitch'll never run no mo swat team was
barkin and they said they had the place surrounded hide some explosives and i'm
glad the stupid bitches found it slipped out the back and now i'm headed over
to KFC cause some kernal on the set who's got some beef with me walked through
the door and i cominsed to let them niggas have i'm bustin static reapin havic
with this automatic screamin and hollerin hos cryin when they saw you pull it
patriots? down for i send mac11 bullet SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH meet my big
mac11 CHOURS- big mac11 mothafucka you facen the gauge worse then the tiger
in the cage you fellin the rage i got my hand on this trigger i'm killin you
nigga big mac11 on that ass the bigger the figure who shoots through glass
shoot through houses its shoe in your ass when i grew up i had a dream just
haul off and blast now i get paid for sendin hos to hell or heaven i'm throwin
bowls smackin hos with this mac11
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