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Audible Rollercoaster - Lyrics

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"U-turn, come on"

[Chorus: Simon Sayz]
Let me take you on this audible rollercoaster
Throw your hands in the air like you're supposed to
Throw your hands in the air like you're supposed to
Come take a ride on this audible rollercoaster
[Verse 1: Simon Sayz]
Let me take you on a ride
A rollercoaster ride
Don't let it pass you by
You'll feel alive
When you hit the first dip
Your heart beat skips, the back seat whips
Into a flip
Everything goes dark
You better fasten up your seatbelt when this roller ride starts
When this roller ride starts runnin', there's no turning back
Hang on or you'll fall off the track

"U-turn, come on"
[Verse 2: Spitball (Simon Sayz)]
When it's hip, hop
You wanna stop back
To the first drop (Straight DOWN)
Where the sound
Alone might make you zane
It'll get you dizzier than smith and pain
This ain't no ordinary ride, this ride's inside your mind
People cry when they hear the rhymes from
The back of the line
Climb on
It's not gone stop til you pass out

[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3: Spitball]
It's the only ride in the world with a million loops
And the rhymes we hurl will kill a million groups
To cause screws on cruise
The G Force causes
Your voices to get hoarse, hands up
Here we go
Speed beam, then flood the show
When it stops
Nobody knows about the beats from beneath {*scratching*}
Freak sounds jump beneath
It'll seperate your gums from your teeth
If you ride it twice
You might get iced
Snatch your heart like an Aztec sacrifice
Man, it ain't nothing nice, but I really don't care
I'm breaking it down like ferris wheels at the county fair
It's the poisonous pens with the potent poems
This rollercoaster roams right through your home
And never ends
Your knees get weak
If you got the guts, sit in the front seat

[Simon Sayz:]
Twists and turns like a bucky worm windles
There, stroll a right, sizzles
It's the beat
That makes your feet leave the ground
The world looks different when you're upside down
My sound is found in the upper atmosphere
It fills up the space between your ears
If you get airsick, skip this trip
This fully equipped rocket ship won't quit
No one sends alarms
All passengers get
Thrown into the unknown
Microphones turn tables, bottomless bumps
It's like a neverendin', free fall jump
That keeps going
And going, the tracks worse
Supersonic speed's got your engine backwards
Fast curves make your insides naucious
We all move together like synchronized watches {*scratching*}
Open your eyes, catch your breath
These kids from the west cheat death, tempt fate
I hit the breaks, you shake, we'll spark
Earthquake Institute, the ultimate theme park
[Chorus x2]
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