Lyrics for All About The Horsemen by THE FOUR HORSEMEN

All About The Horsemen - Lyrics

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[Hook: Canibus]
Yo, what ya'll wanna do, wanna be Horsemen
Or be a swordsman stompin
Back and forth on stage while we performin
Kick down doors and shatter jaws like porcelin

[Verse 1: Canibus]
It's all about the Horsemen what!
Canibus, Killa Priest, Ras, Kurupt
I'm a one motherfuckin man, motherfuckin Army
Iller than any nigga
Iller than any honkey
Why did I have to say that? Honetly?
Cause I'm iller than any nigga that stepped they rhymes up because of me
I'm not ghey, no man is takin me out
I'm earthquake proof, nobody is shakin me down
Amputate your tongue while it's still in ya mouth
Then chop ya ears off for not hearin me out
You scarred of me now?
[Verse 2: Kurupt]
Yeah, what ya'll wanna do? You wanna be Horsemen
Enforcement Swordsman
Comin through, forcin all the forcin
Where it's all about murder and extortion
The mosberg aim to collapse doors in
In groups of 4's, tuck 44's in
Explore the source, regulates the horse
Spread like Sars and take flight like Concords
I'm a hog like Boss, Hyenas and Jackals
Wingspan like Teradactyls, saucy like sauces
Runnin shit like police officers
niggaz get swallowed like laucenges
Wonder where the force is, fire breathing horses
Nigga where it's all about murder and extortion
Time gettin drastic, Horsemen niggaz spit classics
Fire like motherfuckin dragons
In the middle of the sea, horses unload like Magnums
Mashin and splashin, explode like Magnums

[Verse 3: Ras Kass]
Unh... Unh..
I been had skills, This style ill, why grill I'm a kill
Live underwater and grow gills
Made it hard to figure me
Remy be, kickin me, in my asshole
Tyrant Fidel Castro
Slash Adolf Hitler, slash The Riddler
Slash ya windpipe, then I'm a snipe Bette Middler
Cause both ya'll shows is wack, trash can
I'm half man, half ram like pan?
When John Hancock box, it's like Mike Shamrock
U-F-C if you M-C
I'm every rappers nightmare like D-O-C in D-M-C
Lose my voice/*whispers* (Then I'll speak silently)
Rather contract H-I-V than hate on me
This H-I-P-H-O-P
fuck whoever H-O-T
H-I-T that nigga over the dome piece
With 16 bars
Vehicular manslaughter by 16 cars
32 bytches equals 16 balls
Almost famous, the program director then wipe my dick on the playlist
[Verse 4: Killah Priest]
Ya'll wanna rumble with the P huh?
Put a curse on ya whole family
Dressed in all black like The Omen
Black axe, split ya motherfuckin back til the meat showin
Punch ya motherfuckin teeth and ya nose in
Spray the heat melt that mua fuckin ass like a snowman
No man can withstand the pressure I be blowin
Blowin trees back
Makin mua fuckin marbles crack
Mountains collapse, yal niggaz albums is wack
With ya homo looks, and you girlish ass hooks
Ya weak ass verses, should be walkin with purses
You faggot ass niggaz aint nothin but hoes
Should put ya'll in a club and make ya'll walk and pose
niggaz start frontin and I'm squirtin the 4

[Chorus: Canibus]
It's all about the Horsemen baby
It's all about the Horsemen baby
It's all about the Horsemen baby
It's all about the Horsemen baby
It's all about the Horsemen ladies
So wsup with you?
[Outro: Killah Priest]
So what ya'll wann be?
Wanna be Horsemen?
fuck around lose your organs?
Find yaself on the floor man?
Screamin and hollering from the torment?
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