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Wheel Of Fortune - Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Hello and hallelujah for the Wheel of Fortune
Thank God they got a selection of men they can auction
Be him black be him white
Rude, stink or polite
They got catalogue you know
Honey Dips hold tight
Form a line form a line
Behind me U know what I'm sayin'
I bin waiting since last year child I'm not playin'
Imo find myself somebody if it takes all week
Find me a piece of butt and no longer will I seek

[Verse 2]
First off I got a drug dealer
A heart stealer
Bucks hangin' out his butt
To him it was no big deal
Bought me this bought me that
Tried to spread me forget that
My name was not Country Crock
You big Spock-looking muskrat
Having money don't make you God
Find yourself a hole for you to stick your rod
No no no we can't be lovers
No no no we can't be friends
Only one thing left to do
Have to spin again
[Verse 3]
The second was a bum crumb
Nothing having mug
Personality OK but face looking like a pug
He said "Come over to my house and watch movies"
I said who me so that you can do me
Not that I would but at least the dealer would have paid
You don't want to spend no money and you wanna get laid
Back off!
Here's a dollar and the deal
Treat yourself to White Castle's
For me it's back to the wheel

[Verse 4]
The third was a white collar working in Manhattan
When he walked when he talked
When he ate there was a pattern
He tried to change the way I dressed and I talked
Showing me the difference
In the different types of forks
I said "hey Mr. Connoiseur, you can stuff it"
You gotta love me for me or love nothin'
Take your forks and shove 'em all
Where the sun don't shine
And I'm back to spin the wheel just one more time
[Verse 5]
The final was a cop from up the block
The type that catches kids
From picking next door neighbor's locks
He liked to keep tabs
Don't you know he was a psycho
He also liked to hit
I said well now it's time that I go
I said don't touch me you might lose your nutz
I'll stick 'em in a pickle jar and wouldn't give a butt
Keep your hands to yourself if you know what I'm sayin'
There's a knife in my bag
Brother man I'm not playin' ya know

[Verse 6]
There you go there you have it
Wheel of fortune didn't work
Instead of meetin' gentlemen I met a bunch of jerks
One wid too much money the other not a cent
One too snobby and the other had no sense
I guess for Monie it's right back to the drawling board
How long will it be before I actually score
I gotta find somebody to unleash all this affection
I know what Imo do
I think I'll try the Love Connection
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