Lyrics for Let A Woman Be A Woman by MONIE LOVE

Let A Woman Be A Woman - Lyrics

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Gotta let a woman B a woman [x2]

[Verse 1]
Don't touch the merchandise you got it honey
You're standing here see me coming you try to puff out your money
And I sure don't give a toss about the car you drive
Whether Benz 500 SL or a banger five
So let me pass without a convo 'cause I'm not into
Your rap is kickin' boomin' a system with no rhytm to it
And I'll be mighty obliged if you just step to the side
And move your sorry frontin' butt before I run right through it
You think I'm fresh, O well best you'll never get to hear
and I got money in a bank account also my dear
So I don't need you hanging round to be my sugar daddy
So you can paddy on that paddy wagon but without me and you can...
Let a woman B a woman

[Verse 2]
Coming through coming through make my way my tank is full
Like Sald and Pepa said my cow died I don't need ya bull
So keep your skiving and conniving kindly to yourself
Nobody asked you for a statement stick it on a shelf
'Cause Ima make it to the top to this there is no doubt
By my talent no stoppin' stones that's what it's all about
You can consider what you want 'cause I don't give a bit
A lot of things are blowin' up and you ain't part of shit
Go sing your boo boo song your life's a loser's drama
This chick is truly not with it so save it for your mama
Gettin' paid stayin' paid yep it is my way of life
I'm cuttin' through this funky rhythm as sharp as a knife
Your trashy talk is not romantic so get out my face
The litter of your loins is scattered up and down the place
So you can pucker up and kiss this here funky behind
I got to full cheeks I'll take you 2 at a time
Let a woman B a woman

[Verse 3]
Kickin' up a fuss cuss cuss you're full o' puss
We're the underground legionnaires you ain't part of us
All you do is complain all about the women's role
Little do you know it's climbing on the voter's poll
Babblin' babblin' babblin' babblin' but not sayin' nothin'
Bring a cease to all your speech punk and quit the bluffin'
On this groove I'll be as funky as I wanna be
So step off you little Chuck D wannabe
You can pop all that junk but keep it out my face
Make a move towards me and you will be erased
Stoppin' to a brother's level no I'm not sucker
'Cause when you lay down with dogs you catch fleas motherfucker
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