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4 da children let's stick together
4 da children try-make life a little better
4 da children try to make this world a better place
4 da children 4 da children
[Verse 1]
Mothers all over the world stop look alert
A lot of things are tryna meddle with your work
From the day you give birth your time becomes a little less
You got a permanent job in which there'll be no rest
You have to keep an eye open 'cause there's far too much to contend with
Hope you got a good partner you can go round the bend with
You have to accept that to a certain extent
Your private life is at a halt yep it's a true commintment
Well the horse is through the gate get ready now 'cause here they come
What you teach your child determines what they will become
How much your child is worth to you to this there is no digit
Brothers like Ed O G said be a father can you dig it?
I write this here song to express my sentimentality
And help to encourage some to wake up to reality
Of why your parents boss you around like indeed they do
I only understand because I'm now a parent too

[Verse 2]
What a world what a world that we live in
People try to steal your babies and drugs is what is given
To a child by a child it's the style ain't it wild
Collectively the facts ain't a lot to make you smile
But s smile does exist among the dirt and the mist
It happens when the angel in your life is kissed
And loved and hugged and cherished and cared for
When the wounds of the world are sore
Hearts are breakin' hearts are breakin' can you see it
Being strong is must and we're too busy tryna be it
Staring out into a scum-filled a world with disgust
Define the line between success and gettin' left back in the dust
Opposition that arises you know we have to get over
And listen to those not only wiser but also older
Turn our children into responsible men and ladies
And to the cops stop beatin' on our babies

[Chorus x2]
I didn't bring a child into this world for politicians
Trippin' on each other starting wars and causing friction
Makin' life a little harder for those strugglin' to cope
Bring a cease towards your fighting instead of the people's hope
It's easy for the powers that be to make decisions
Tell you to get on with get on with who gave you the permission
Sending the youth that we produce to help you score
I don't see any of your kids so fight your own wars
As to discrimination little ones don't know the meaning
Unless we separate they could be on the same team
And it's okay to teach your child all their history
Until it somehow slowly develops to bigotry
Pass up opportunities to segregate the space
Think about the children's future make this world a better place
Before decide to act wild
Remember everybody is somebody else's child

[Chorus x2]
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