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The Grim amp Grit - Lyrics

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Just get into the grime and grit [repeated]
[Pep Love]
Hard work is what it takes we
Uppin the stakes
Heavyweights, breakbeats
And rhymes that levitate
Through time and space
But when I get into the grime
Aint no time to waste
We design divine premonition
And position ourselves
To manufacture dope
And put it on the shelves
If ya brain cells
Dilatin when we violatin
Rules of your pre-concepts
And no exceptions is made
Manifest fresh with my best friend
Actualizing what was destined
Now that you and I see eye-to-eye
I bet we can both fly to the most high
But first
Lets dig our fingers in the earth
And roll in the dirt
Man that shit wont hurt
Theres a war goin on outside ya home
Click ya boots, decide what side ya on
Apocalypse rips through the chocolate cities
From California to the Middle East
The talkin this talkin it's gettin intense
Let me tell you about these days of the last
I'm gettin convinced
You can hear it in the spirit
Of the lyrics I kick
And the sounds that Jay-Biz mixed
Fuck the glamor and the glitz
My grammar depicts
Truth of the scandalous tricks
These songs represent bricks
Now just get into the grime and grit
We gotta work for life sustaining
And what's that worth?
But the bullets and red
It was raining lead and radiation
Shrapnel leaving ya chidren dead
We can't go for that
No, my raps pulsate
While the wax rotate
Let's take it to the max
No limitations
The natural effect
Of work is sweat
But the stage is set
For the modern sages to arrive
The Prose--Pep Love and Jay-Biz
It's an ageless journey
But the page is turning
And the pessimism just dont concern me
Must engage this fully
As our ways get dark
As our days get
Trails we gonna blaze
Until we at the maze exit
Onto the next shit
But for now just
Get into the grime and grit
We gotta work, exert the heart
So that you don't get jerked
In this game brings pain and hurt
But I remain this
Same insane individual
Who sparked the flame
Makin the situation critical
With a collage of audiovisual
Original styles that ????
Rape and pillage you
On tape like the pilgrims
Doin what we feelin to break through
And now it's time we raise the ceiling

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