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My Energy - Lyrics

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[Pep Love]
My energy
Expressed in my text and my concepts
In steps to take it to the next
Let's sip the nectar of the gods
Connect the dots and collect the prize
This radiates and electrifies
My inner sanctum best described
By the ancient tidal wave in tune
With the vital force and by the way
This keeps the planets in orbit
My potential
My vibe and other unseen qualities
You probably feel when worlds collide
The shockwave that vibrates on a higher octave
I indoctrinate what god gave
Oscillates and makes
Ripples in reality
Dips and rips holes in space
Creates galaxies, shakes the earth
And lights up the skies
It makes it worth livin our lives
It is the right stuff
The light plus the darkness
Regardless we harness the energy
In the garden's harvest
The substance we got busted at the seams
Creating dreams reaching out
Touching all things, ideas
And even the emptiness
The subtle ?pre-emptiness? you feel
While I'm attempting this transmission
Ambushing with ambition
Force, mass density and this is

[Chorus x2:]
My energy pulse
Livin and driven by my innermost propulsions
Movin in motion along with the universe
Personality, I got charisma
Know what it is?

My energy
Breath, chi, power, impressive strength
And the ability to cold get aggressive
I wield an electromagnetic field
And spill sporadic skill
For the love and the thrill
That it mathematically expresses
In my rap patterns added quickly enough
To bless this situation
I get it electrified
I might start to levitate
When I catch a vibe and
Let ya ride on the back of my dragon
Feel the fire that he breathes and imagine
Magic and melody tellin me to agitate
Nature elementally pump adrenaline
Tragic emotion
That I feel flows into peace and calm
Excitement is ill, I write it
To get it ignited and peep what I did
Coincided with my insight
Incited a riot, why did it do what it does
What it is, what it was and will be
Is a powerful buzz
Self-centering wealth
It'll bring to the helpless hopeless ????
Soon as I focus
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