Lyrics for Damains Hook by RED HOT LOVER TONE

Damains Hook - Lyrics

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[INTRO fading in: Damain]
...brains I'm bustin
I kick lyrics that cause destruction
Yo, I set it off like this
No shame in my game
(Yo, yo Damain)
What's up
(You gon' do the chorus for me, aight?)
(Come on baby)

[CHORUS: Damain]
Throw your hands in the air, it's time to jump
Just turn it up loud, let the music pump
(Come on, feel it in the back, then back to the front)
Crack a forty, then grab a stunt
I got Original Flavor that's Nice & Smooth
My jam's ghetto Red Hot, take out the Ice Cubes
And just be cool, I'm o.t. to drop a Sermon like Eric
B., your Clan should get exes, not marriaged
You're on e, I'm Swift, while DJ's are Quik
To Rush my Def Jams like Alkaholiks
I can't call it, rappers get wrecked, who's next?
If your name was Funkmaster you still couldn't Flex
It's a Red Alert, ring the alarms and rock the bells
Grand like Puba, plus I Maxwell
Line for line without a .357 or a Nine
I Mash Out Posses when I Busta Rhymes

Now it's Common Sense that I'm Notorious with ladies
BIG or Small, I put it in your Bush, Babees
MC's don't Breed cause we keep a 2Pac
G like Craig and in your ear like Mack
So don't be an Outkast, shine like a Diamond
Diggin In The Crates for fat beats for my rhymin
Climbin the Billboard charts just for sport
I'm a Large Professor while your style is Too $hort
So move to the Pharcyde of the underground
Cause this Cella Dwella's got soul like ???
A Naughty Rottin Razkal, I'ma be real
I rock from Illtown back to Cypress Hill
Check it out

So put your Tribe on a Quest for who rocks the best
Cause I make Channels Live like KRS
With Finesse, see, you're a mess
I shoot my lyrics real fast, leavin MC's holy like ?Nas?
At last a brother gettin all the cash
This ain't no homo shit, but I'ma get up in that ass
I keep rappers on stand-by, you hear me?
Fear me, clear me, blowin up tracks like Edward Leary
I'm Dynamite like J.J. and on payday
I'ma have to fuck the ??? daughters like MayMay
They give it up for Red Hot in the Ville and the Valley
Cause I can make em shake like Cali

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