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Yeah Yeah

Let me take yo through the mind of a man
Driven Mad by the rhyme
My soul's been arrested for committing hate crimes
My mouth speaks the wordz
bringin' news to the ears of the blind
Catch ya self mimmicking
And think about the wordz you be speakin'
Got my soul saved by the deacon
To cast the demons away
What can I say?
The gods must be crazy lettin' niggaz mind stray
I can't control all the things that I say
So what I said yesterday, I'm gonna have to pay for today
Call the arbitrator
See if he could do me a courtesy
And ask the man to cop me a plea
My actions are beyond me
I hope I can take the reprecussions
I'm chilled to the bone like a russian
Visions of corruption perforate the mind state
Solitair rocks a bullabye till the bow breaks
the stakes leavin' scars in the earth like quakes
So You better ask my Man "Choclair" "What It Takes"
I Makes........Ends meet
Like a Street Conniseur
More wordz than ya earz can endure-a
For Sure-a
take niggaz 2 by 2 like Noah
Plus my scriptures is sacred like the tora
What Chu Goin DO?
F.O.S Style

[Chorus: deep mumbling voice]
Who glide like the Silver Surfer
Hit yo ass deep while you Skratch the surface
Cause what you hearin is figures people
Man created equals, that's how we reach you niggaz
My rhymes set the world ablaze
Put niggaz in the daze
playin' games
but like sheep they graze
Searchin' for the lamb
They got caught up in the maze
PLus the aura of my mind left 'em all in a daze
caught this nigga creepin tryin to spread some propaganda
gave the judge an envelope he locked his ass up for slander
its panda-monium check the auditory
No story
without guts
There's never any glory
you caught up in the pyramid of life
But you stuck at the bottom
Thought you has "Skilz" but you forgot 'em
You remained confused
And tangled in a cavern overflowin with calamies
Please please put ya soul at ease
And stop tryin' to play the role of a criminal
the span of my rhyme is subliminal
Thing you got somethin' to say?
But you beat
So you gotta state ya point from six feet deep
No sorrow
I'm headin' for a brighter tomorrow
Bout to take it to & put it thru ya chest
Like Zorrow
Cuz A Nigga main concern is the oro
Better Know that Solitair's a hard act to follow

Thanks to Solitair for these lyrics
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