Lyrics for GREEN HEAVEN by Red Hot Chilli Peppers


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About this planet, there is something I know

There's a very big difference between above and below
A friend foe, or bro, leave your body on the floor

Let your spirit fly away like the soul of a crow
Here, above land, man has laid his plan

And yes, it does include the Ku Klux Klan
We got a government so twisted and bent

Bombs, tanks and guns is how our money is spent
We got V.D., heroin, greed and prostitution

Tension, aggravation, L. Ron Hubbard solution
Not to mention hard-core chemical pollution

If you think you're just away, you're in a mental institution
And that's a heart felt shame

'Cos everyone's crazy, everyone's the same
So, why should only Larry, Curly and Moe be to blame?

Time now to take you to a different place

Where peace lovin' whales flow through liquid outer space
A groovin' and a gliddin' as graceful as lace

A never losing touch with the ocean's embrace
Diviner than the dolphin, that there is none

'Cause dolphins just-a like to have a lot of fun
No one tells 'em how their life is run

And no one points at them with a gun
They have a lot of love for every living creature

The smile of a dolphin is a built in feature
They be movin' in schools but everyone's the teacher

Someday mister dolphin, I know I'm go'n to meet you
Back to the land of the police man

Where he does whatever he says he can
Including hating you because you're a Jew

Or beating black ass, that's nothing new
Trigger happy cops, they just like to brawl

They use guns, clubs, gas, but that's not all
They got puke, ridden prisons and sex sick jails

Fuck the poor, if you're rich you pay the bail
So support your police, support your local wars

That's the way to open economic doors
Why do we do it? 'Cause the president's a whore

We assume the position to sell the ammunition
What the fuck? It's the american tradition

Along with going fishin' apple pies in the kitchen
Isn't it bitchin' seeing dead men in ditches?
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