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Animal Crackers - Lyrics

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(Good morning kids... It's story time!
We gonna learn about how the animals feel about humans)
Animals crackers in my soup!
(Here we go!)

Warrior of the light, fight the mighty fight
With the eyes of an owl, with the eyes of an owl
{The owl says... }
In the darkness of the night, we see you, we see how you do
How you bring death (death), love to see life take it's last breath (breath)
So just confess, you humans are such a mess (such a mess)
You need to give it a rest, your car's smoke is starting to eat up at my chest
Not to mention how it's treating all the rest, of life
Oh how we have to fight to live our life! (that's right)
One of nature's god-given-rights - look - now do you have a clue?
What we ever do to you? That's our rainforest too!
OK dude, it's getting out of hand, put the gun away before my homie eats your hand
{The lion says... }
And I'm real hungry too! Ever since y'all meat-sticks came through it's been
Bad man
What we do to you?
I should just eat you! Yeah, that should take care of you!
Killing just to kill a man
We kill to get our fill, y'all kill to get the dollar bill
What a disgrace! And what a waste! Come closer, and let me have a taste!
{Hey, the crocodiles says... }
Yeah, me too, rock rock on
Salt-water crocs almost all gone
They say I look fly on the feet
You people would look fly in my cheek
Silly human suit, how about a silly human suit?
So I can buy a gun, so I can aim and shoot
Or better yet some oil, burn and pollute
Cause how y'all living ain't cute
What will it take? What will it take?
{The snake says... }

Yesss, yesss, yesss

Scary snake says...

Yes sir, this is war and it's flesh versus fur
We the unpaid servants, serpants hissing out a fresh first verse drowned out
By the traffic
You humans are deafened by your own words - how tragic!
Habitats dance to the sound of the hatchet
We speak up for trees ground down into matches
Bees and the birds make love, never beef with the herd
Why you people hunt peace to disturb?
Keep to your word even when world heating occurs
You ate my brothers without meeting them first!
Served them with meat plus the rice and salad
Crying crocodile tears as I write this ballad about this battle
Polar bears get ready to paddle, and prepare for a journey they never should
Have taken
Earth's quaking, fish scales getting burnt like bacon
Caged birds dream of escaping
Drugs in the blood pulls the bull out of men see 'em raging, scratching
Never act nice when all we wanna do is get along
Or at least live on - true animals sing along!

Animal crackers in my soup! Most y'all humans is loopty loop!

And that's how the animals feel...

Animal crackers in my soup! Most y'all humans is loopty loop!
(loopty loop!)
Most y'all humans is loopty loop!
(loopty loop!)
Most y'all humans is loopty loop!
(loopty loop!)
Animal crackers, one big soup, all y'all these humans are a little loopty loop!
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